merry christmas

IMG_7695I am in Szczecin , Poland . There is frost this morning on the tops of cars parked on the road . People here say the weather could be worse and that it’s not so cold . From what I hear , much of people in the United States would agree with that . Nevertheless , I wrote this post while still in southern California , with  pictures that would most likely look the same if I were taking them today . So , here goes .

In parts of my neighborhood , were we to shut down all electric power for a couple of weeks around Christmas, we might save the planet . Global warming might just be relegated to a looming problem of the past . We might be able to see stars again , and the population would begin , once again , to dream  romantic thoughts in the moonlight , to sing of swinging on a star . All of that kind of thing .

My immediate neighbors are still restrained , however , when Christmas comes around . Many of them put Christmas lights or icicles around the edges of their roofs , as is the custom. Some of them add a few touches too , of course , such as hanging on their front doors a Christmas wreath  made of real or fake evergreen branches , and berries , and maybe a little figure of an elf or a reindeer stuck in there too . santa-and-front-yard-2016-003

I usually put up the lights , Ada puts up a nice wreath , and we have a wooden candy cane that we stick out in the front yard . I have an angel flag that I like to put out , but Ada doesn’t seem to like it much . I’m not sure why . Maybe two angels in the house is too much competition ( Ada , are you listening ? )

This year , however , we’ll be away for Christmas , so the roof lights will stay in the garage . That’ll save me a few bloody scratches from rosebush thorns as I try to get between the bushes and the house . Ada will probably place a wreath on the door , and I’ve put the wooden candy cane out on the front yard .santa-and-front-yard-2016-005

Neighbor to the north is always good with the inflatable figure , one for every holiday . For Halloween he has an inflatable witch , for example , and for Thanksgiving an inflatable turkey . Now it’s Christmas season , so he has an inflatable ghost wearing a Santa cap . No , no . Now that I’m taking a closer look , it’s got a carrot nose , so it has to be a snowman .

Neighbor to the south has a Santa riding a tractor . During the day the thing is completely collapsed . After dark it pumps up , but the two lights inside are weak and so it’s hard to tell what it is . One light shows part of Santa’s face and the other seems to light up a small window on the side of the tractor . This one is due for a re-think for next Christmas , I think .

Everyone will celebrate the season in their own manner , their houses dark or light or somewhere in between , wreaths or no wreaths , live trees or artificial , or none at all , yard figures or not , Santas or snowmen or Mary and Josephs or , for that matter , flamingos ( there is a street near here on which every house displays flamingos at Christmas ) .

No matter what each of us decides to do or not to do this Christmas , it would be great if everyone could have peace in their hearts this holiday season.  santa and front yard 2016 011.jpg



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7 responses to “merry christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Dan! I would think that lighted “imitation” icicles would seem out of place in LA, but I think you guys have a hockey team, so…

    One of our neighbors has an inflatable snowman that is lying down and is holding his head up with his left hand. My kind of snowman.

    • Icicles abound ! Last time real icicles showed up in LA , I guess , was about 1946 . Oh , well ! MERRY CHRISTMAS , to you Dan , and family , and all the Connecticutters and New Englanders and east coasters and everyone else you might come in contact with . And , why does someone need an inflatable snowman in your neck of the woods ? Oh , I don’t understand that climate anyhow .

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