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you have nothing to fear………………

……………but just about everthing , I guess .four men depression era

I began reading an article in the LA Times a few days ago about North Korea and Los Angeles . The headline was something like  ” Is LA on the North Korean Nuclear Hit List ? ”   I thought , at first , that I might find something interesting in the article about North Korea . I don’t know much about North Korea . Isn’t it the so-called Hermit Kingdom ?

Well , no , I guess the Hermit Kingdom was all of Korea in previous centuries , 1600s to 1800s . ( I looked it up just now ). Could also be used as a generic term to mean a place cut off from the rest of the world . So , okay , seems to me the term applies pretty well to North Korea . So , let’s move on .poland-xmas-2017-009

I don’t know just why I thought that I might learn something from a newspaper article with a headline such as this one  had . Anyway .  It seems , as you no doubt already know , that North Korea is fixing to develop a missile long-range enough to hit America’s west coast . San Diego is a target , the Times said , because of the Navy base there . I forget the other targets .

Maybe I should have paid a little closer attention , read with a little more focus . But , after all , I was educated in those American schools that , as our new President said in his inaugural address , don’t teach nothing and don’t give students any knowledge . So , what do you expect !

Now , as the writer of the newspaper article reported , after the North Korean attack on the US west coast , the little Asian hermit country would be quickly wiped away in retaliation . He seemed pretty sure about that . But , still , we on the west coast would have a serious mess to clean up  .

So , is Los Angeles on the target list or not ? The assumption within the article seemed to be , of course , that the N. Koreans would have only three or four nuclear weapons to hit us with .  So they would have to choose their targets wisely .

I lost interest quickly in the newspaper discussion . I don’t like to explore such speculation as if , after reading this kind of stuff , I would have learned something that I might then use to improve my life somehow .

I will say , however and nevertheless , that the part of the article that I read did get me thinking a bit . Sometimes , people around my age , think about their end . How will it happen ? I told my friend and neighbor , Don , when his physical health finally turned against him big time at age 94 that the best way to go , it seemed to me , would be to just drift off in his sleep and not wake up the next morning . So , that’s what he did , and when I went over to visit him the next morning his wife , Marie , told me that he was gone .bar-old-1900

So I envisioned for a minute , because I’m not yet ready to be passing away in my sleep any time soon  , being killed in a nuclear blast . I could get cancer , or get hit by a bus , or have a heart attack or a stroke , or be run down in a crosswalk by a speeding car , or slip and fall . Would it be better , by the way , to fall to your death down a mountain rather than to slip and fall in the bathtub or on the back step ?  The best thing , perhaps , is that whatever happens happens instantly . For most of us , to avoid long drawn out pain and agony is a benefit .

I was thinking for a moment , as a result of all of this , that being hit directly by a nuclear warhead wouldn’t be such a bad way to go for an older guy . I’m not going to spend any more time contemplating it , though . I think the possibility of the hermits  developing the ability and then deciding to attack LA is pretty remote . More likely I’ll be  accidentally shot  by some God-fearing patriot with a gun , or be run over by a runaway shopping cart in the Ralph’s supermarket parking lot .

And , besides , I might appreciate making my final bow by nuclear blast , but the other millions of souls around me might not so much . Whatever . I’m not going to worry about it . Robert in Szcz. 2015 191


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