I’ve had limes ripened  on the dwarf tree out back for the last few weeks . Sometimes I’ll split one and put a slice in my beer ( purely in an effort to use the limes , you understand ) ; but there are only so many beers a person can consume . I have a friend who will use part of a lime in his gin and tonic, and I’ll give him as many limes as he needs  ; but , likewise , he only has a gin and tonic on rare occasions .lime-tree-002

I decided to buy some cod and make ceviche with it , using a few limes . Ceviche ingredients include fish , tomatoes , onions , peppers , salt , pepper . I added some garlic too. It’s usually served with tortilla chips , I guess , around here . It’s especially good for an outdoor party , maybe with some beers or margaritas . I envision a sunny day out on the back patio , kicking back and taking life easy .lime tree 001.jpg

So , I would expect a lime to have the common sense to ripen during the summer , wouldn’t you think ?  , or at least sometime in late Spring . Wouldn’t you naturally assume  that’s how things should be if all were right with the world ?  Why these guys decided to ripen in January and February is beyond me . Something just isn’t right . We’re living in strange times .

My lime tree is a young thing . Just started producing limes a year or two ago . I never noticed when the limes arrived last year . It had to be that they ripened at the same time of year , I suppose ; but I never noticed anything then odd or out of place . Well , last year we living here in what the local news people call  “the southland” ( southern California ) maybe wouldn’t have noticed much difference between winter and summer last year , or for the last several years of severe drought .

This January and February it’s been raining , and raining , and raining again . Very un-southern California -like , if you ask me .  Well , as people around here say , we need the rain . We don’t necessarily need so much all at one time ; but that’s another story . Somebody’s house slipped down onto the road in the Hollywood Hills a few weeks ago . Lots of hills around Los Angeles , and mudslide is a familiar term . Usually the standard  formula is : brush fires , then mudslides . Evidently the brush fire ingredient isn’t always needed for hillside residents to worry about mudslides , or for mudslides to do their damage .

My trouble , I admit , is a lot less important than dealing with  mudslides . I’ll state it anyway :

Margaritas just aren’t so enticing  in the rain . Sitting out on the back patio , also , just doesn’t seem so pleasant with rain beating down on the corrugated aluminum roof of the porch covering . I mean , it does have it’s attraction , sitting there listening to the clatter of the raindrops . There’s also the minor intrigue of waiting for that little leak where a roofing nail is missing to start dripping water onto the table . It’ll happen . Maybe sooner ; maybe later .

It’s not the same experience in a winter rain as sitting there on a hot summer day , though , with a cold glass of beer , or an icy margarita , with friends ( no one in their right mind will join me , it seems , in a rainstorm ) , and maybe with a bowl of delicious ceviche and another bowl of tortilla chips to dip into the ceviche .lime-tree-004

I can tell the lime tree to produce in summer . It’s young and maybe it just doesn’t know yet what’s what . I can try . I’m not especially persuasive , but I can give it a shot . I’ll try to be diplomatic . It likes the rain , though . I can tell . I’d better get on the internet first and find out how to talk to lime trees . They might be as stubborn as lemons , but I doubt it . lemon


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2 responses to “Limes

  1. Tell the lime tree that nobody likes a show-off. Sit tight and produce your limes in June.

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