garage photos

I posted a little story about garages a couple of days ago and I heard from a couple of regular readers of my blog . They had some criticism of my photos . One of them wished that I had included a picture of my garage . We’ll , he’s known me a long long time and he knows what my garage really might look like . Not like the photo .garage-2-and-garden-feb-2017-028

Actually , the photo in that post is of part of a shelf at the Gilb Museum in Arcadia where I hang out a few hours each week . I just put the picture  in the post to have something to show . Evidently , that’s not good enough for some people . They want legitimate documentation , not random unrelated photos . Fair enough , I say .garage-2-and-garden-feb-2017-029

A blogger friend mistook the museum shelf for a shelf in my garage . Fair enough . No way for him to know any different .

Hey , but this isn’t discovery , a collection of evidence to be presented in court . That’s what I think . Maybe it’s wrong-headed of me to think like that , though . garage-2-and-garden-feb-2017-030

So , to destroy any lingering urges toward requisite criticism and to try to oust any lingering dubiosity or double dealing on my posting part , I am including in this post some shots of my garage . Of course , you should realize that it is in a state of perpetual transition. Next week it may look very different . Maybe not , too. ( Well , it never looks much neater . I should say that .)garage-2-and-garden-feb-2017-032

Okay . Well , maybe I should have warned you first . I know ,  it’s not pretty . And , a lesson for a couple of you : be careful what you ask for . garage-2-and-garden-feb-2017-076


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4 responses to “garage photos

  1. Nice. Like my basement, only dry. Where’s the pic of the guy with the guitar?

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