the cat

I was talking to Cosmo today . She’s been in a weird mood lately , eating grass and howling a little more than  usual . She’s a cat who likes to talk on a daily basis , but lately she seems to be complaining  . I don’t understand cat lingo so much , so I don’t pick up on the nuances .

Ada might be able to help , but she’s away for the time being . Ada is  more of a cat person than I am . She knows what cat blinks mean , for example , and stuff like that . Oh , yeah . When your cat looks you in the eye  and blinks it sure does mean something .

Ada told me , of course , what a cat’s blink means , but I can’t remember right now exactly what it was she said . I think she said that it means that the cat loves whomever it blinks at  , but it might be , conversely , that  the cat is issuing a stern warning of some sort . The day you don’t feed me will be the  day when I  will drag my gooey pooey bottom all over your glistening  hardwood floor ?  Something like that , perhaps . Or some hidden message about an anonymous feline creature possibly peeing one otherwise carefree pleasant day on the sofa cushions ?  Again .    I don’t know .

I took Spanish in school , but maybe I should’ve taken Cat .cosmo in box 2

Anyway , Cosmo has a digestion problem , evidently  , which  may be a result of the long ago coyote attack  which she experienced which she  almost didn’t survive . We therefore have to give her a bit of slack , in my opinion , when she pukes on the floor , which she does fairly often , usually in the morning . I get to clean it up , usually , and I really don’t mind . Better , in my way of thinking , than carrying a sack of dog poop around the neighborhood every day as I would have to do if we had a dog instead of a cat  . Sorry , dog lovers , but that’s my opinion .

So , now  Cosmo is sleeping here next to me on the sofa . She snores , but she isn’t snoring at the moment . She’s got a cosy little place to live ,  to sleep in and to wander around  in this little house , if you ask me , and I think that , underneath her natural catty haughtiness and devil-may-care demeanor , she knows it .thanksgiving-goes-crazy

Maybe I’ll tell Cosmo when she wakes up that we’re considering getting a dog . Shake her up a bit . Turn the tables on her .  I know darn well that she understands English .

Well, on second thought , she’d get even , and that might well involve deviously -placed poop and/or cat pee . I better not .


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3 responses to “the cat

  1. I’m not sure adding stress to the life of a cat who pukes every day is a good plan, Dan. I’m sure she can find a worse place to pee.

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