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Wikileaks is releasing classified information about how the CIA does its work . There has been a lot of talk about Samsung TVs , how the CIA can listen in even if the TV is turned off .

I have a Samsung TV . I’m not sure how smart it is , though . The CIA , I heard , monkeys with Samsung smart TVs . I’m glad , in a way , that this story broke , because for a time I’ve had my suspicions .

All I know is that my TV has developed a buzz over the last couple of years . Now I know that the buzz is , most likely , clear evidence that the CIA is listening in . I think that they messed up , however , because I can overhear voices within the works of the TV. CIA voices , maybe .  They’re encrypted , unfortunately , so I can’t decipher individual words .

TV in Poland , by the way , has some weird stuff going on , too . Polish TV stations broadcast plenty of American sitcoms . I can hear the English dialog , but not loud enough to understand more than one or two words every few minutes . I listen very carefully , thinking that I will be able to follow the dialog ;  but , no . Meanwhile , a monotone voice reads all the parts in Polish . The whole process reminds me of my TV noise .Poland 2016 art etc 053

I can’t comment on any other countries . I don’t watch TV anywhere else . Maybe all the international spy agencies are hiding in  TVs all around the world . It’s part of what they call cyber warfare , I think .

So now I have to worry about my TV  eavesdropping on me . What about the radio ? If I had a smartphone  then of course I’d know that that sneaky device is constantly spying on me . We’ve all known that about smart phones for years , though , haven’t we !

What is more worrying than the CIA stealing my secrets is that every large corporation in America knows more about me than I know about myself ( because I forget some of it as time goes along but their data bases don’t ) . I don’t imagine that the CIA sells my secrets to others , for example to the FBI or to the FSB , to the IRS or to Mi6 , but  of course  the corporate entities, on the other hand ,  trade my info all over the globe so that now cruise lines and pill makers , food merchants and furniture producers , electronics sellers and pet food places , grocery chains and just about everyone else knows all about me .Yard and Mayor's breakfast 005

I guess that I just have to not let it bother me . Instead of worrying about that kind of stuff , I could worry about earthquakes . Scientists are , as always , predicting  ” The Big One ” happening any day now here in California . The newspaper last week said it would most likely be centered up north from here .

Today however , there is a story about a long earthquake fault near the coast from Los Angeles all the way down to San Diego . I’d  better stock a few more gallons of water and energy bars and double- check that I’ve got that wrench ready  to turn off the gas . And I should check my ammunition , too ,  of course . This is a dog-eat-dog , every man ( person ? ) for himself ( or herself ) world . There’s carnage all over , I heard from the POTUS , in this country , and the barbarians are at the gates . Best be ready to defend ourselves .

Forget smart phones and smart TVs .    Maybe , to save civilization , we should make contact with some smart human beings . I’ll  talk to my TV about it . We’ll see what the CIA and I can come up with . They must have a list .


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8 responses to “my tv

  1. Don’t forget the cat food for your end of days scenario!

  2. Maybe the CIA is trying to find smart people. That’s why they had to reach out beyond Washington. I like your ‘Pedestrians’ sign. They look active. I guess that’s California. The signs around here look like insurance salespeople. They’re carrying briefcases and pocketbooks. I have a Samsung TV, but I think it’s dumb.

  3. The newest information about the fault lines off the California coast has me much more concerned than the CIA listening in on our household conversations. Not that I don’t think it could happen, it’s just that a 7.3 earthquake would probably have a greater affect on my life.

  4. Who was that agent in Get Smart who was stationed in mailboxes and small appliances? Maybe he squeezed into your TV.

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