agony and jesus again/Happy Easter

One of my sisters told her husband a long time ago that I started this blog in order to exorcise Sister Agnes out of my brain . At that time I was writing several posts critical of the old religious gal , a former teaching colleague and  thorn-in-the-side of mine . I don’t believe that any of those old posts were untrue or unfair ( if one can put aside the old advice to never speak ill of the dead )  but they did , at times, skirt the general neighborhood of being on the mean side . I wrote and then discarded a couple of the more nasty posts , me not being a mean-spirited soul . Or so I will continue to believe .

I read a comment today to a recent post on this silly blog that got me thinking . The comment  was written by a regular reader of mine who knows better  . (Well , people say ,    ” He/she should know better !  ”  , so I think that this guy does . ) At any rate , his little light-hearted comment got me thinking again about Sister Agnes , my past nemesis ,  aka. Sister Agony  .cartoon devil in long coat

My  post had discussed Jesus . No offense to the man , to the Savior and all that , but Jesus can be a troublesome topic to discuss . The thing is , people are touchy about talking about Jesus . More likely , by the way , people would be touchy , I think , talking to Jesus were he to come on down and show up at the breakfast table , or in the waiting room , or at the table in the staff lounge , or  sitting on the next bar stool over , or even settled into a nearby pew in church .

Jesus might just ask, he being somewhat confrontational ,  several pointed questions to the  folks about just what has been going on around here since he was incarnate ( I was going to say : “since he was hanging around” ; but I thought better of it . I’d be headed straight to hell in the minds of many if I wrote such an uncouth thing , especially in the brain  of Sister Agnes , where ever she may be ) . Jesus might repeat his one overall admonition , that thing about loving your neighbor . He might be tempted to call some of us Pharisees , hypocrites , or who-knows what . It might get ugly .

I have a couple of atheist friends………………………. I’m saving their issues for another time . No use getting too deep in this post about such things . It’s Easter time , after all .

We have some Easter eggs here that the grandkids and I colored . Ada then took the kids  to an animated movie about Easter bunnies .  I wonder if those atheist friends of mine surround themselves with that kind of Easter stuff . I’ve never thought of it before .  Maybe yes ; maybe not .Randon mountain-Prescott etc. 072

Anyway . No , Sister Agnes would not have appreciated my freewheeling chatter about Jesus . She was , after all , a  nun  officially married to Jesus ( that’s the way we used to hear it , anyhow ) ,  and she would have been quite stubbornly and angrily repulsed by my seemingly disrespectful words . But , to be honest , she was a little too stuck in a holier-than-thou mindset , if you were to ask me .Api and LACMA Oct. 2015 042

I have no doubt that there are some readers right now who are upset with my insouciance , too .  Shouldn’t talk about nuns and Jesus like that ! Heathen !

Well , at least I don’t post atheist propaganda  day after day on Facebook . Yeah , buddy , you know who you are ! Sister Agony would not have cared for your godless endeavors  much  . Maybe she would , at least , have prayed for your soul   , but I have to say that I’m not entirely sure about that . God only knows .Poland 13 2016 030


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6 responses to “agony and jesus again/Happy Easter

  1. I have always thought that Jesus has a sense of humor and could fit in in any situation while still being Jesus. I do sometime find it difficult to talk about him, but I think I could talk to him if he were on the next stool over. I think he’d rather read an honest, albeit a little twisted, post than a mere ripoff of the Gospel. Your message shines through your writing. You can forgive Sister Agony for not understanding. Happy Easter, Dan.

  2. I’m a pretty devout Catholic and I often use Catholic humor and talk about “Sister Mary Corporal Punishment.” I had her in fifth grade, but so many other nuns were beautiful amazing role models. If we can’t use humor, then we take things too seriously. I enjoy your humor, Mr. Dan.
    Happy Easter and blessings to you and yours.

  3. Well spoken. My ex and his wife raise The five children in their home, including my daughter, as atheists. They enjoyed hunting eggs very much! Love ya babe!

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