ideas ?

This is a fungus growing on an oak tree out in the backyard .

Bill says it sucks the life out of the tree , that there must be something wrong inside the tree .There’s the wisteria in bloom just outside the back door .

This is Ada with the lemon tree and roses .

This is the mineshaft out in the backyard where I go to get my ideas for this blog .

Here I am getting ready to go into the idea mine .

Here I have gone too deep into the mine and/or been in there too long .

There have to be more ideas deeper into the pit . 

It bugs me sometimes . Ideas must be right out there in the open . Wouldn’t you think ?

There’s an idea ! [ Not mine ] .


Filed under humor

5 responses to “ideas ?

  1. I always figured you dug deep for these. Now I know for sure.

  2. wait, what? A mine shaft? Serious? My hubby would kill to have an underground portal in his back yard. One that wasn’t all re-mediated and fenced off, that is.

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