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Dan and Dan Travel

Well , at least one of the Dans travels first class ; but I won’t hold that against Dan , considering the circumstances . Dan explains what perks a first class passenger gets . I’ve never been allowed behind the curtain , so I never knew . And lilacs !

No Facilities

Glass Glass & Lime

I always wonder if there’s a limit to how many blog posts you’re allowed to squeeze out of one experience. I guess if it’s a major life-changing experience, all penalties would be waived, but if you try to write for the 4th time about going apple picking, you might raise a few eyebrows. Unless you were picking apples on the Whitehouse lawn or outside of a shabby bar in Port Aransas, Texas.

I had taken some notes on my hastily-arranged flight from Florida to blizzardville, Connecticut, but I thought I had milked that bit of hectic travel dry. Then, Dan, the other Dan, the one who lives where it never blizzards, but who routinely travels half way around the world, wrote about flights.

OK, there are two bits of hyperbole in there. 5,958 mi (9,588.45 km) isn’t half way around the world, it’s…

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May 2, 2017 · 8:10 am