cut up

I was trying desperately to reblog a past post of mine , but only after I tried desperately to reblog a post from one of my favorite blogs , from Thom over at The Immortal Jukebox , with no success whatsoever . I don’t know what the problem might be . I can tell you what an anti-macassar is , if that helps to place me in my mental-historical context , but  I don’t know computer stuff from  Shinola  .  So what else is new !

I did get a smart phone last week , however . Ada upgraded hers and passed her previous one down to me . I wonder if that kind of thing goes on with kids these days , hand-me-downs  to the younger siblings of old electronic equipment as we used to hand down old clothes when I was a kid . Anyway , here I am with an iPhone . First one ever ! My friends will be surprised that I may have finally joined the 20th Century !  Only one more century to go !photo camera old

So I’ve been experimenting a bit with the thing — taking pictures , asking Siri who the first President was , trying to use the maps . Ada had to show me how to turn the thing off when I’m not using it . “But don’t turn it all the way off ! “, she warned . I’ve got a lot to learn .

I finally buckled under , and now I have to tie myself to this iPhone , I guess , and thus no doubt to the various government agencies interested in my activities ; and , of course , to all of the many spying corporations as well as that fat guy in the basement in New Jersey and also to the eastern European hackers , etc .  Oh , and North Korea , of course .  China’s a given , too .

Holy mackerel ! What have I got myself into ?  I’ll be walking around , next , with my nose in my phone , tapping away texts to whomever and reading the stock market ups and downs and in moments of boredom asking Siri obscure questions to try to trip her up .

I sent for a cheap phone cover . It came in the mail a couple of days ago , but it was packaged with a book I’d ordered and  the small  transparent thing got lost in the bottom of the bubble wrap . By the time I saw it I had cut through it with a scissors . Yeah —- don’t ask me . These things happen .poor man

The seller asked me over the internet for a review , so I mentioned the mishap . I may be sent a replacement , despite the damage having been my fault . I told them that , too . Honesty is the best policy . They requested photographic evidence of my trouble , so I sent a couple of shots taken with my newly-acquired iPhone .

I picture fashionably dressed young  people somewhere  in a room  right now either laughing derisively at my scissors caper screw-up  and/or addressing and sealing-up  the replacement package and sticking -on a brightly -colored  warning label about not cutting this one up . We’ll see what happens .


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2 responses to “cut up

  1. I think hand me downs go from kids to their parents. Welcome to the club. Of course, we’re waiting of a few selfies and some emojis 🍺

    • Of course you are right, Dan ! I never thought about it like that , but it’s obvious . Wait if you will ; but , don’t hold your breath .

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