I Could Have Been Newsworthy

This is a good one . It made me laugh , remembering all the stupid things we did as kids and how different the world is now . ( That neighbor would be open to a lawsuit ! ) Oh , and I was mentioned too .

No Facilities

“Careful – You can put an eye out!”

I was going to reblog Dan’s post today – the other Dan – the Dan that ran with a fast crowd of kids who lived close to the edge out there in the canyons of southern California in the time when ships were wood and men were steel. That Dan.

Anyway, Dan was talking about things that “could put an eye out” and, well that was just about anything when we were kids. A few comments were exchanged and then he asked a question that I’ve answered before. So, easy-peasy for me, I’m repackaging an older post. Ironically, Dan had already read it. Dan and I have been connected for a long time.

This post started a few years ago when a news story came on about a kid getting shot with a BB gun, Me and a guy at…

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May 22, 2017 · 8:26 am

4 responses to “I Could Have Been Newsworthy

  1. Don’tcome back until dinner worked in South London as well. We would walk about 2 miles to a park to play football, get down the bottom of the road and play tennis against the side wall of the last house. We have a beer create repair company at the end of the road so we would creep in when they were closed and move all the crates around to make camps. We also used to use the broken wood in there to make what they call go-carts now. We used to decorate them with all the bottle tops that fell out of the crates! My grandchildren think that a great afternoon is being allowed to play on their iPads without interruption – sad.

    • Oh , sounds like fun . I wonder how many times you got chased by people from the company — even more fun , if you kids were anything like us . The bottle caps reminds me of pop-bottle caps in those days .They had a cork insert that we pulled out . Then , you could put the cap outside your shirt and fit the cork back in inside your shirt and you had a sort of badge to wear . Not the same with the iPads , eh ?

  2. You two have a running comedy act going!!

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