thanks to the beer

Ada said it again today , what an easy life we have , as if we’re always on vacation. I’m sitting here in Szczecin , Poland , waiting for a friend to fly in from Zurich . I’ll meet him at the train station here in the city late in the afternoon . Ada will be shopping  for a few items in order to fix us all  a wonderful dinner .beer sign

My friend and I will walk here from the train station . Oh , he’s not taking a train. I know , I said he’s flying in . Relax ! No , I haven’t completely gone off my rocker yet . He’s flying from Zurich to Berlin . He’s taking a shuttle bus from the Berlin airport  to Szczecin and the bus stops  next to the central train station . Got it ?

We’ll walk along the river on the way to the apartment  . Ada and I live not far from the river . My friend and I  might have to stop for a beer on the way , too , there being so many nice places to choose from ; and besides , old guys need to take a break from time to time .

I kind of operate on the beer standard . I don’t calculate how well the economy does related to the price of gold . I don’t pay attention to the price of silver , either , or of potatoes , or of bread . Beer . The price of beer in Poland is still pretty good .

Things are not like in the old days , of course . ” Not like before “, Ada says . In earlier years , it seems , you could have brought a silver dollar over here from the USA and lived on it for several weeks . If you had had the foresight to pack an extra pair of blue jeans , I’m told , a guy could have traded them on the black market and lived on the proceeds of that deal for the next few months . And beer ? They were giving it away ! Usually you got a free shot of vodka with your beer . Or something like that .IMG_7569

I used to get a half liter of good beer here in Poland at a good bar or restaurant for about a dollar . Then , about six or seven years ago , the price suddenly doubled . Still , it’s a good rate by American standards , if one is on an American income , but it was , nevertheless , a personal shock . What’s happened to the economy ! Luckily the price of beer here has remained fairly stable for the last several years . Oh , yeah , I’m monitoring it ! Someone has to .

My friend arriving from Zurich is an American guy , too . He’s more of a vodka drinker than a beer drinker . He really missed his chance in Poland , I think . Vodka drinking here seems to have drastically diminished in recent years . Oh , it’s still available , of course . There’s no shortage . It’s just that the culture has shifted away from vodka drinking .Poland 1 2016 June 006

Luckily , beer drinking is still holding its own in the city of Szczecin for now . I’m not prepared for the day that the beer drinking goes away here .( It might happen any time , I suspect . The world is constantly throwing up potential roadblocks and unsettling surprises . Keeps things interesting , I suppose . )   I might have to move part of the year to Portland , Oregon , at that point . That’s a good beer – drinking town.  So far , at least . One has to keep one’s options open . They’ve legalized pot up there , and beer drinkers might be put on short list at some point , I suspect .KutaisiTblisi 2016 1173

Anyway , Ada doesn’t drink any kind of alcoholic beverage . I admire her for that . The fact that she has saved us thousands of dollars over the years that might have otherwise been carelessly dumped into liquor purveyors’ coffers  is really beside the point .girl with tea

You should perhaps know , too , that I mainly just drink beer to keep the mosquitoes away , anyhow . It’s the vitamin B in the sudsy booze that does it — permeates  the pores —–  and those nasty flying , stinging /biting , blood-sucking critters can’t abide it . Not that there are any mosquitoes around here —- thanks to the beer .KutaisiTblisi 2016 218


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18 responses to “thanks to the beer

  1. It’s good to hear that beer is still in demand and that the price is steady. Keeping the nasty blood suckers away is a bonus. I wasn’t aware of that benefit. Kudos to Ada for saving the beer money for you. That’s a healthy relationship.

    • Healthy for Ada , of course . Unless I’m drinking Guinness —- Guinness Is Good For You !

      • Guinness in Poland? That might require a shot of vodka 😉

      • Only at the Dublin Pub down across from the Brama Portova , the old city gate . Not an Irishman in sight , though . Watch the shot of vodka at the Dublin , though . One turns in to two , and next thing you know Captain Haakon is buying rounds for you and his crew , the vodka has somehow become tequila , and the ship will be in dry dock for another week , and maybe you too.

      • Ha ha – I hope you live close enough to walk/stumble home.

      • That was a long time ago . And , yes , I was close enough . Thanks .

  2. Really? It keeps the bugs away? Not that I need an excuse to enjoy my brew, but I’m happy to experiment to see if it works with black flies! Cheers!

  3. I think it might be the Polish garlic warding off the mosquitoes. Beer keeps slugs at bay.

  4. J

    Cute story. Good thing you didn’t know, when you were writing it, that the “friend” doesn’t drink now either…at least when I’m around:):)…and I’m continually doing my happy dance:)!!

  5. Wouldn’t all that beer make it difficult to stand on one’s head?

  6. I’m not a huge beer fan myself, and I admire Ada for not indulging. It’s a bad hobbit, and can be expensive. Once in a blue moon, I have a Blue Moon beer with a thin slice of orange. Tasty! Enjoy! Cheers! And,,,you’re up rather late.

  7. When I was 16 I visited where my Opi grew up in Schreiberhau, Germany which is now Szklarska Poreba. It’s an amazingly gorgeous city with incredible food. Great article!

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