the dream

In my dream Dwight Eisenhower was going to train a group of us for some sort of organized activity to take place during graduation . What graduation ? , you might ask . Well , who wouldn’t !kleptocracy 1

Barack Obama was there , too , in a black suit . I was discussing his retirement with him , his retirement from being school superintendent . He seemed a little worried about his future prospects , and I reassured him that he’d be fine . woman boxer 1890

Meanwhile , I had to get out to the practice . General Eisenhower , who would be leading it , was waiting . When I got to the location , not far from the school where the graduation would take place , several guys were milling about , all of them in uniform , waiting to practice .

I thought I had time to go explore the neighborhood , so I got into my car and drove off . I caught two strange imaginary animals that had been racing wildly along the streets and I wanted to show them to the guys back at the practice site .swim suit 1940 cactus

When I got back there the guys had left . General Eisenhower had left . I was late . I considered the situation for a moment . I didn’t know if I could get into the building and , if I could , would I be able to find a uniform that fit . Even then I would still have to walk in late to the graduation and I hadn’t practiced at all so I wouldn’t know what to do . Seattle Fun House Sign

So I went out to my beat up old car to go home , but it wouldn’t start . Bill O’Reilly , the former Fox News guy , was living in his car across the street from where my car was parked . He walked over , wrapped in a blanket , and chided me about my car not starting . I wondered if he had messed with it . Maybe he had . jesse james

I would need to take the bus home , but I had no change for the fare . Besides , the bus only went half the distance , anyway , and I’d have to walk the rest of the way . I visualized the neighborhoods I would have to walk through at night . I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do that .

And round about this moment I woke up .

I told my dream to Ada and she pointed out that it was  ” an anxiety dream ” . She used to have them , too , she said , and she recited a couple of examples .  I used to have them , too , years ago , especially during my college years . I used to dream of showing up at the final exam or the midterm and my pen wouldn’t work ; or I’d show up in no pants ; or I’d have the wrong room number and couldn’t find the right one ;  but I haven’t had anxiety dreams recently .jack in the box

Ada said it’s all this political stuff I’ve been following lately .heroin ad

What ?  There’s anything happening in the country or around the world that might make a person anxious ?  That’s a little far fetched , don’t you think ?  Ask anyone .


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2 responses to “the dream

  1. At least you weren’t wearing cacti over your boy-parts. I think you need to buy a copy of Mad Magazine – What, Me Worry?

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