big boat

Ada told me about the cruise ship that would be down at the dock until 4:00 pm , so I decided to go take a quick look . I figured that  were it a really big one  it would be across the river somewhere .

But no . It was a big one and it was parked right out front . I didn’t bring my camera with me for my little walk , so I went back to the apartment to get it . It  only took me a few minutes to get back with the camera .Poland mushrooms etc. 2017 013

I took a few shots of the ship . Small river cruise boats arrive frequently in the summer here , but I’ve never seen  one this large here until today . Polish naval ships visit for Navy Days , which seems to happen fairly often , or maybe for other festivals too , but they don’t match this cruise ship’s size  . Remember , this is a river port .

When I showed Ada the photos , she said , ” It’s not that big ,” like I was exaggerating the whole thing . There are the photos !  She wasn’t impressed .


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6 responses to “big boat

  1. She has to look at the cars going past the ship to get more of a perspective I think. I have seen larger, but not on a river.

  2. I guess you had to be there to get the sense of scale. It looks big to me!

  3. The camera adds 10 pounds, everybody knows that 🙂

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