you can’t fire me ; I quit !

Let’s see . To jog my memory :

1. Town -Talk Cafe (quit)

2. Mrs. Kay’s (fired) ( …..but then rehired)

3. Salem Recycling (fired)

4. St. Clement School ( well……)

5. C & R Clothiers (quit)

6 Virgil Middle School ( well………)

In general , a person probably should have been fired from a job and/or quit a few in order to really be a well-rounded individual . Of course , I’m a little biased . I’ll admit that .

I’ve been mulling-over first  writing about , to begin this fired/quit theme ,  my exit from St. Clement School . That’s the first school where I’ve taught and I put my heart into it for five years . My exit was not the one I might have wished for ; but , hey , not only is it it is what it is , but in retrospect my  experience makes a far better story than if I had just quietly left .  As that Welsh poet said : Do not go gentle into that good night .

I guess that I might have a touch of that Welshman’s soul seeped somewhere into my blood . This theory ( which , by the way , I just came up with) is solidly based  on fact . Well , alternative fact , in the spirit of our  time . Well , fantasy , perhaps , imagination , or folk tale reality , at least .

I should explain .

At some critical point in history , the Welsh  had mobilized an army to invade Ireland . Whether my relatives were living in Ireland at that early date yet or not I don’t know . Some of them , I suspect ( with absolutely no evidence —- again , though , good enough for our specific time in history  , it seems )  were hanging out in icy Viking lands  and  some others perhaps in Iberia  . They wouldn’t even have had their eyes yet set on Hibernia by that early time , I’m sure .

But let’s move on .

The Irish clan chieftains of the time of the Welsh invasion were not prepared militarily for such an event .  Councils were held and the chieftains were considering surrender . Maybe they could make a deal with those pesky  Welsh . Time was running out and disaster was bivouacked right there on the Irish shore . What to do ?

Well , when you got nothing you got nothing to lose , so you do the  ‘Hail Mary’ play .  We call it the Hail Mary play now , but this ancient Ireland was not yet Christian . St. Patrick  had not yet been born , or enslaved , or whatever other experiences had brought him to Ireland to pick shamrocks and frighten snakes and to make Ireland the Holy Ground ( lasting until , of course , this new era of the scandalous priesthood and all that kind may have  ruined the ‘holy’  part a bit  ) .POLAND JUNE 2017 Willie,etc. 526

So the Druids , as I remember the story , ( probably remembering it wrong ! ) came up with a pretty good strategy to counter those aggressive Welsh armies camped on the Irish beaches . They told the Irish leaders that they would turn the Irish armies into mice .

Mice ? , you say . Yes . The mice would then head for the beaches and eat up all of the Welsh food supplies . An army travels on it’s stomach , as we know .

And so they did that and the Welsh had no food in the morning to feed a hungry army — not a speck of bara brith or rarebit remained . Their commanders considered the supply situation and decided to sail back to Wales to think this invasion thing over a little while longer .

The Irish soldiers were transformed into men again that morning . The Irish culture is good at the transforming thing : geese into people , people into salmon . It gets a little tricky on Halloween ( Samhain ) when actual people merely pretend to transform into odd creatures ; but we won’t go into that here .

In fact , this is not a post about Halloween , or the Irish , or most of the stuff  that  I’ve written about so far . This is a post about getting fired ( …….well…….) from St. Clement School , way back when I began my teaching career , but now I don’t think I have time to tell the story . I keep my posts short and to the point , in order not to bore or confuse my readers ( if I have any readers left ) . Dandy man

Let me just say that I began teaching at the next school immediately after St. Clement . The principal there walked me around , showing me the school grounds , discussing the teaching job I would be doing  , for about twenty minutes until she said , eventually , kind of off-handedly : ” I suppose that I’ll be getting an excellent recommendation from your former principal . ”

” Well , no you won’t , ” I said , ” and here’s why .”   Then I told her the whole story .

She hesitated twenty seconds or so . I think that she had , during that walk-around interview , already taken my measure , so-to-speak .  ” I admire your honesty , ” she said , and she hired me on the spot .

As I write this I wonder what that recommendation , if one ever was written and sent , really looked like .

And now what comes to mind as I write this is an incident with that same former principal at St. Clement which involves a mouse at the faculty meeting . Let’s do that one in my next post .



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4 responses to “you can’t fire me ; I quit !

  1. I think I meet your criteria for being well-rounded, and I would agree with that theory. Regarding the mice and the Welsh, well, who’s to say? I supposed you are, it’s your place. I’m guessing your brute-force truth served you much better than some weaselly explanation.

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