after all , we’re not savages

Where you see wrong  or inequality  or injustice , speak out because this is your country . This is your democracy. Make it . Protect it . Pass it on .    ——- Thurgood Marshall


I’ve decided to speak out on an issue that’s been bothering me little by little , more and more for months . Thurgood Marshall didn’t say  “Pertect it .” ;  he said “protect”. There’s a difference .gas-mask-girls

And I’m not a profectionist , by any means , but can’t you hear the difference between pro and per ?  Okay , I suppose that it doesn’t matter in the overall world wide scheme of things. That’s what you think ? Or , maybe , you just don’t notice or hear the difference. Well , maybe you just shouldn’t read this rant , then . It’s my peeve , though , so I’m going for it .

( I might say  ” Take a listen ” , but that one drives me crazy too . I’ll leave that rant for another time .)

Ever listen to Sarah Huckabee Sanders , White House spokesperson for the President ? ;    ” This president wants to pertect…………………….”  No , I believe the correct word would be protect . It’s based on Latin , I’m pretty sure  , but we don’t have to go into things that far . I’m no linguist or lingo scholar , but hey , when you represent the White House , after all , you might should use the right word .

Okay , okay , you can attack me for my mistakes , too . Fair is fair .  I’m sure there are plenty  some that I do regularly misuse but which I ament aware of .  I’m just calling this one particular example into question because I’ve been noticing it more and more lately in various venues and it’s got under my skin . You know how that goes , I suppose . Like a little rock in your shoe .dentist 2

I think the government should take immediate steps to pertect the national language ! No , no , on second thought that sort of approach would be a little too French , I guess .  After all , we’re a free country . USA !  USA ! Check out the way Georgie Washington spelled some words  after all , or  Jefferson ! Daniel Boone did his best too , but it all came out pretty terrible ;   but some lingo rules weren’t invented yet in those days . Nevertheless , I believe with all  my heart that those guys (maybe not D.Boone )  knew the difference between pro and per , between , for example , perscription and  proscription , or maybe persecutor and prosecutor .275gas masks kids40491_1995964440658943_2319012314417477398_n

I’m sorry to say it , but the whole damn country is falling apart , piece by piece .  Can’t someone somewhere please tell Huckabee Sanders to say “protect” when she means protect , and not to say “pertect” ?  Isn’t there someone who knows and hears the difference who considers it important enough to politely correct her ? Have we slid so far ?

Maybe it just doesn’t matter ?

My aunt Mary would be turning in her grave these days at the suggestion of such national surrender on the lingo front . I suspect that she saw it all beginning to break down decades ago . I remember that she  would wince when a TV newsman ( all men in those days , I think ! ) flubbed the language in small ways , faux pas  known only , probably , to profectionists like my aunt . Sign of poor education she thought , no doubt . A public disgrace .

I don’t mean to be picking on Huckabee Sanders . It’s not her fault that no one has stepped up and corrected her . There is a whole country full of accomplices out there who let her continually stumble along with her claims of pertections and the like . That’s why I finally decided to step in  and comment publicly on the matter . oh hell

Maybe there ought to be a law . You think ? Oui . N’est ce pas ?


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  1. yet another perfectus post!

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