c u


northern Ireland 1910



I’m going to Ireland tomorrow .

Yes , I have a good raincoat .

I’ll be thinking about posting something , perhaps , from the Holy Ground , from the old sod . Thinking ain’t doing , though , so I send along a few random photos with this post .

Best wishes to all of you ‘followers’ and all of you others who happen along . Be careful out there !

As the old Irish lady said : ” No , I don’t believe in leprechauns , but they’re out there just the same. ”  I’ll let you know if I spot one . I won’t have the urge to get the pot of gold , however.  Money is the root of all evil .


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9 responses to “c u

  1. Pat/Jeff

    Have fun. The Western Hotel in Galway was wonderful, but might be out of your budget range. We thought it was worth it. Gardiner Street near Talbot was the place our taxi driver recommended in Dublin and the street is full of affordable lodgings. Very convenient area. May your ears be tickled well. Pat

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  2. Okay, now you have me jealous.

  3. Enjoy the trip, Dan. PErhaps you can have a Guinness for me.

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