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101 ?

A headline in the online L.A. Times caught my attention today :


Ada and I go to restaurants once in awhile . We had friends over who , according to them , and they should know , eat out almost every day . Maybe they would like to review the list of the 101 joints in the L.A. Times, but I’ll pass.eating customer only

Ada and I are creatures of habit when it comes to restaurants . There are three or four places Ada and I like to go when we get an urge for a little culinary adventure . Two of them are Thai and the other is a Mexican restaurant . We may be stuck in a rut , but it is a delicious rut . So sue me.

Sure, we occasionally hit other restaurants here and there . Sometimes we take friends up on their suggestions . When we travel , of course we find  decent looking places to chow down. Ada likes Chinese food and always urges me to choose the Chinese buffet when she sees one . If there is a Chinese restaurant in whatever distant place we travel to Ada will find it .Los Angeles in the 1930s (6)

I know that the L.A. Times , with the 101 , is touting the city , ie.  gee, aren’t we a great place ! Great place to live in and great place to visit !  Come and spend your money in one of these 101 restaurants . ” We love ” them ( whoever “we” are ). “We” may well have tested each and every one of the 101 eateries ( on an expense account ). I don’t know , though, because I haven’t read the article. Could it be that 101 different city citizens sent in a report on their one most  favorite slophouse spot ? Could be . As I say , I haven’t read the piece .

Being somewhat cynical , I wouldn’t go to a newspaper-recommended joint anyway , no how, no way . I think the recommended culinary hideaway would be , first of all , too expensive . Second , it would no doubt be way too noisy . Hot spots I’ve been caught in over the last several years ( Yes ! It happens. ) have been obnoxiously noisy — silverware clattering , loud voices colliding in the bad acoustics of the space . The tiny portions , also , are  artistically arranged on the plate with  ostensibly decorative veins of  brown mustard  or green goo or some such dripped  professionally across the plate edge .

I’m not impressed . It’s not my thing . I’ve had friends who love to hit the latest hot spots to eat , just to share in the excitement of the experience  , I suppose . It takes a lot of dough ( you know : lettuce ) to participate regularly  like that , I’m sure —  but why not if that’s what you like ! Everyone should have a hobby . And if you avoid the romaine lettuce , for example ( California joke ) the latest -hot  restaurant thing is  probably safer than , say , sky-diving or hang-gliding .

I refused the special lobster buffet that friends of ours were joyfully craving recently  . I discreetly asked the hostess the price : $59.95 . I had to make a last-minute excuse  that I wasn’t hungry and so I bugged out as politely as I could ; but that was the truth about not being hungry  . The thought of paying that price for a meal , especially for something that I don’t especially like —— well , you get the idea . I completely lost my appetite .

Well , this post is a bit amorphous , I think . Even verging on nebulous , if you ask me . Let’s wind it up .

I wrote a rambling post once a long while ago about my mundane adventure in a local Dollar Store  , and I got a comment about it just a day or two ago from some anonymous soul  that stated :  ” YOUR A MORON “.

At first , for a few minutes , I sat and wondered which of my irreverent friends was suddenly reading my blog . I had two or three names in mind. Then , of course , I knew that the comment provider was certainly some misguided and perhaps bored internet traveler with an unfortunately definite spelling deficit . And s/he doesn’t know me . After all , I’m not a Mormon . Never was . 10 billion severed


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