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television thought

I grew up watching TV . I watched way too much TV when I was a kid . I have a TV set now ( only one ) but Ada and I cut our reception of the great world of programming a few years ago . We watch movies on Netflix on our set nowadays and that’s it .

No more Comedy Channel . No more Turner Classic Movies . No more local news. No more 24-hour right-wing and left wing cable “news” . I used to switch back and forth to try to get the two perspectives .

I never was a big sports fan , and most of the programming packages seemed to focus on how many sports channels would come with the package , so I couldn’t get excited about paying for what I wouldn’t use . We were finally ready to cut the TV cord .

Oh , and sit-coms , of course , are part of the TV experience . One of my sisters can sing you any of the theme songs from any of our childhood favorite shows . People still watch sit-coms , I know . I think I had enough of that during my childhood .

Side story :

I had a roommate in college who suggested that we buy a TV for the apartment. I told him that I don’t watch TV so I wasn’t interested . He excitedly told me that he’d found a shop where we could “rent-to-buy” a TV and we could do it for only 10 dollars per month .

He was so excited and into it that I reluctantly agreed to chip in half of the cost . After all , it wasn’t much . After he made the deal with the shop he informed me that he had made a down payment for the TV and it would now be up to me to pay the entire monthly payment . I forget how many years that would go for . Forever , I guess. I disagreed with his underhanded plot . Not gonna happen. He assured me that the TV would be ours at the end .

No , since he had signed the contract the TV would eventually be his , but I would have paid for it . I pointed this out to him and since I didn’t swear in those days , my little admonition was missing some choice expletives that I would most likely add as emphasis these days . Anyway , the deal was off .

Oh , and how about soap operas ! Once I was in a restaurant with friends when a friend of theirs walked over to the table . There were questions asked back and forth about emergency rooms , and when the funeral would happen , and how sad that this all happened so soon after the divorce . Names were mentioned . Would So-and-So finally marry So-and-So , even though the ex is still in the picture ?

It was all shocking stuff . I was a little embarrassed to be eavesdropping on their private lives. When the friend left us , I asked my companions about all of the tragic events just discussed . I felt quite awkward broaching the subject of these sad happenings , only to find out that it was all TV soap opera drama . They had been excitedly discussing the latest episode . I felt duped , somehow , and they giggled at my mistaken take on the histrionic conversation with their friend .

But I cheat a little these days . TVs are attached to the exercise machines at the YMCA . As I walk along going nowhere on the treadmill I watch the TV news . Got news for you , most of what they call news nowadays is not , but it’s a mild form of entertainment for me for a few minutes most days.

I get most of my news from people/organizations/sources with an ax to grind . Chips on their shoulders. That’s just the way it is these days . It’s not that I don’t believe any of it . Most times the so-called news is loosely based on fact . It’s just that I can’t take any of it on face value . A person’s got to be a critical thinker .

Finding the truth these days is like panning for gold . There might be a little nugget in there somewhere . It’s gonna take a lot of effort . It’s gonna take a lot of swirling around of the other stuff before you find it if it’s there . Too often it isn’t.

” And whether you’re an honest man , or whether you’re a thief , depends on which solicitor has given you the brief . ” — Ben Franklin


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