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the big one

Commercial airline pilots above LAX claimed to have seen a man with a jetpack fly somewhere near their aircraft . The FBI got involved and investigated but could find no jetpack guy . Their latest theory , in place of finding any evidence , is that the object spotted by the pilots could have been balloons or possibly something made up to look like a man with a jetpack and it could even have been attached to a drone .

Or it could have been those green creatures from Mars who have been seen from time to time . It’s pretty easy to find pictures of them . I’m not sure any pictures , none that I’ve seen so far anyway , have them wearing jetpacks . Seems to me that a jetpack would be , most likely , an obsolete technology for them to use ; but , who knows . Maybe they just want to drive the Earthlings crazy by doing that kind of a stunt .

Too late .

Or the pilots could be drunk ; been known to happen , I think . Oh , but I don’t really believe in that particular fear . I trust the pilots on my flights . When I’m 40,000 feet up in the air , what else can I do ! Maybe better a little drunk than high on meth ?

Maybe not .

A thousand or so people congregated in Dallas recently to await JFK and his son JFK Jr. but as far as I can tell from the news coverage those two never showed up . Neither of them . I think Elvis was there . I’m pretty sure I saw him in the crowd ; but he stayed incognito and apparently no one else recognized him . Most of the people were carrying flags or selling t-shirts and hobnobbing with one another , but there was this one guy who kind of kept to himself . Just as well , I think. Elvis evidently wants a little privacy , and why not !

Well , I hesitate showing my cards so early in the game , but I think this country better prepare for what we call in California ” The Big One ” before it’s too late . No , not a nuclear blast —– the once-and-for-all catastrophic earthquake . It’ll make the 1906 thing in San Francisco look like a minor event . It’ll make the Valdivia quake in Chile look like child’s play .

A friend of mine has a little shed dedicated to prepping for the coming catastrophe . In the shed he has water , food , flashlights , crank-powered radios , bandages , etc. He hasn’t said so , but I’m pretty sure he’ll have a shotgun in there, too. Just in case. The unprepared hoards may rampage the neighborhood looking for toilet paper . Oh , he put a shovel in there , too , in order to dig a latrine . He has a portable toilet , of course , with plenty of plastic ( don’t know if they’re bio-degradable ) bags to bag his poo . It will be poetic justice for dogs , I guess , when the guy has to bag his own poo .

Maybe you’re wondering what a California earthquake will have to do with the rest of the country or the rest of the world . Really ? Think about it .

California is the center of the universe , of course ! All ( well , most, anyway ) of the space aliens have settled here , started arriving in the 1930s if not before in their saucers , infiltrated society. When they are disturbed by The Big One , then watch out ! Who knows what might happen , but it’ll have effects all over the world . They don’t think like we think . Their reaction will be unimaginable but things will change . That’s for sure . Major upheaval of society with ripple effects throughout the country and throughout the world . Except maybe in Texas . Texas does its own thing .

I know , you were worrying about those other aliens who keep showing up at our southern border , the massive caravans of terrorist rapists carrying deadly diseases and lugging cases of CRT to infect our schools , and bags of ballots already filled out for Democrats , financed of course by pedophile elites financed by George Soros and Hillary. Well , as you know , it’s all been planned for a long time to destroy America . I’m not sure who planned it . Maybe Barack Hussein Obama . Maybe Nancy Pelosi . At any rate , when The Big One hits all of that won’t matter . So relax.

Half of the population will go insane immediately due to the knocking out of the cell phone towers . No internet , man ! No cell phones ! Yikes !

The Marty Lisa

Wasn’t life much simpler when all we had to worry about , really , were the Russians ? We could fear and hate that little guy Khruschev the shoe pounder . As kids we could practice safety against nuclear attack by climbing under the school desk and staying away from the windows as the air raid sirens blasted mid-day on Fridays . At least we were taking action . And no one was really checking under the bed for a Russian ; that was just an expression . The main thing , I suppose , was to be perpetually afraid and to have a clear and known enemy to be afraid of . That’s good enough .

Nowadays we only have everyone else to fear and to hate . I mean everyone else , because no one is going to share our set of beliefs in toto . In any case , most of them are evil and want to destroy America ; that’s a given . I should admit that I don’t know for sure about the vegans, though . I’ll have to do a little more research before I decide to hate all vegans as a group .

Send me money and I will explain more . Pay Pal and Bitcoin will do fine . Act today because tomorrow could be too late . Remember The Big One is on the way . I’ve heard it is financed by Shell and Exxon , by the way , but it could just as well be Microsoft , McDonalds , or General Motors . Personally , I suspect Disney .


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