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saloons & poultry


I’ve been doing some reading about Arcadia. Arcadia calls itself the ” Community of Homes “. I have yet to discover how the City chose that mundane city slogan : Community of Homes ? I do have a theory or two , though .

I’ll guess that when theArcadia chose that slogan the city of Arcadia was not known as a city of homes . An older slogan , by the way , called the city The Queen City . Why Queen ? I guess that moniker wouldn’t fly or , as Texans might say,that dog won’t hunt .

In the twenties and thirties Arcadia was a poultry-raising city , the egg capital of Los AngelesCounty . Rex , my passed neighbor , used to tell me about the old days when he was a kid in Arcadia . It was all chicken ranches , he’d say . I thought…

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