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A friend of ours is training to be a jet pilot now , but once upon a time we went to a party for his second birthday in a park . His parents had invited a large group of people , had arranged food , bought a large birthday cake , and had hired a clown to entertain the kids .

The immediate trouble was that the two-year old was afraid of clowns . When he caught sight of the party clown he started to scream . The clown , a young woman , began to dismantle her costume in order to calm the boy .

First she removed her outrageously green wig . That didn’t work , so she took off her red rubber bulbous nose . Since that seemed to mollify the frightened child a bit , she continued to slowly dismantle her clown costume until , really , she no longer appeared to be a clown . The birthday boy calmed down . He was afraid of clowns.

Then it was time for cake . A large pink cake box had waited patiently on a corner of the table until now . The little birthday boy was to open the box to reveal the cake. Everyone stood around for the grand opening of the box . The two -year old put his fingers on the edge of the box .

So , what do you think was the large figure in brightly -colored icing on top of the cake ? Yeah , a large image of a clown . The boy instantly screeched once again . It almost seemed to me that his parents were doing this to him on purpose . Poor kid !

I can understand the poor little boy’s apprehension about clowns . Some clowns give me the creeps too.

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