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Here’s one from several years ago……prison jokes , limericks , or beer


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I intended to go with another Prison Jokes post . You may have seen my other Prison Jokes posts and perhaps you have been anxious for the next one . The next one would have been Some Profane Prison Jokes .

But , don’t wait for it . Forget it . I was talking to my sister today on the phone and my brother-in-law was in the background saying negative things , I think , about my Prison Jokes . I think what he was saying in forceful assertive and critical tones might be paraphrased as , more or less , ” NO MORE !” Everybody is a critic ! At least he speaks his mind .

There’s no use now telling my b-in-l that it could be worse . Could be much worse . It could end up being the old ” be careful what you ask for ”…

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