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new year

This is my first post of the new year .

I’m sitting out under the eaves in the backyard . The sun is fairly warm and a multitude of fat yellow lemons sparkle in the sun . Behind the lemon tree is a small orange tree with it’s harvest of fat , juicy oranges . They’re better oranges than my neighbor’s , but I won’t tell him that . We trade over the back fence my lemons for his oranges nevertheless. It’s a long story.

I’ve been able this year to give away bags of lemons and oranges. The old lemon tree hasn’t been well for a few years and hasn’t produced many edible lemons , but now it has come back to life ! I think it got too dried up one year when Ada and I were in Europe and it has taken some years to finally recover .

A few limes will come in later on our small tree , all ready for margaritas and maybe an occasional key lime pie , but for at least the last two years we haven’t had the margarita parties over here . Careful about Covid.

Ah , speaking of Covid , both Ada and I are recovering from our bout with the virus . We evidently contracted it the day after Christmas . My symptoms showed up a couple of day’s after Ada’s . We’ve been isolating ever since and our symptoms were never severe . Well, we’ve been vaccinated and I’ve had the booster . Ada hasn’t had the booster yet so I think that’s why her symptoms were slightly more severe than mine .

I’m not going to discuss getting vaccinations vs. not . The guy on the other side of the back fence is dramatically anti-vax . We have another friend who we suspect may have given us the virus . He’s un-vaxed , too , and started to get sick a few days after we did . His symptoms are more serious than ours ever were . He’s in line as I write this waiting for a test .

There’s an old Irish saying : You’ve got to do your own growing , no matter how tall your grandfather was “. To be honest , I was never quite sure why it says grandfather rather than father . It might say grandmother , too ; but , oh well ! Everybody makes their own choices .

I’m not thrilled that someone else’s choices may negatively affect me ; but I guess that’s the world that we live in . As my mother used to say facetiously : ” There’re so few of us perfect ones left ! “.

I was talking to an old friend of mine on the phone a couple of days ago . He called , three sheets to the wind . I waited a few minutes into his slurred rambling before I asked him if he’d been drinking . It surprised me because he hasn’t had a drink in at least three years . Yeah , he said . Aquavit . I let him ramble on and on . He called back the next day to review our individual situations : my Covid and his bout with whatever it was that made him decide to let himself get drunk as a skunk , high as a kite , blitzed , blasted , hammered , bombed . Drinking like a fish . You know.

I think 2022 is going to be a good year . The majority of people won’t think so , but they’ll be deluded and wrong. Take it from me . I know because I’ve been paying attention . All the signs are there . There are just those nasty obstacles scattered around getting in the way . Welcome to the world .

The magnolia tree is staring at me from near the back fence . Five or six lonely pink blossoms have held the fort for the hoards of others that will soon come. Have to have a little patience .

The neighbor next door saw me and thanked me for the oranges . She asked if I got my copy of the “Times” this morning . I had to tell her that I don’t get a newspaper delivered . Because , she explained , she got two this morning . Actually , I get newspapers on the internet . I felt a bit sorry for her , though . Two papers ! It’s bad enough getting all the crappy news once . Once is more than anyone needs .

Just stay on the sunny side of the street.


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