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the neighbor’s dog [ Here’s a post from my first year blogging , 2011]


Is the world going to the dogs ?

I used to be a dog person when I was a kid. But , maybe all kids are dog persons . Are there people around who’ve never had a dog ? Never ? Really ?

Now I’m a cat person . For at least thirty years I’ve been a cat person. Been long since caterized against my better instincts . My parents were always , I think , pretty much anti-cat . Dogs , okay . Turtles , okay. Guinea pigs , okay . Horned toads , frogs , and occasionally even a lizard , okay . Sorry cats ! Cats , not okay .

Our neighbor , then , had cats . He had armies of cats . Maybe that turned my parents’ minds against cats . And the neighbor had a male dachshund , Pfeffer , who acted as mother…

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