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I’ve been sparring with my doctor for a few days about writing me a brief Covid-related letter that states that I should be allowed to travel without another test because I’ve gone through ten days of isolation after Covid symptoms and a positive PRC test . The CDC says that I will probably test positive for several weeks even though I’m done with the virus .

For some unknown reason the doctor was reluctant to write me such a letter . He sent a brief note that stated that I had tested positive for Covid and had isolated for 10 days . Okay , but we all know that and that won’t address my request . I felt like a kid who had to have a doctor’s note but the doctor didn’t want to write one . ” My wife and I went to Hawaii recently,” he told me , ” and we didn’t need to get tested .” Good for you , I thought , but that has nothing to do with my request .

Finally , this morning , he wrote me a brief statement to the effect that I would continue to test positive but that I was not infected now with the virus . Something was mentioned about it being safe for me to travel .

The odd thing is that Ada , in the same situation as mine , contacted another doctor at the same facility a few days ago who wrote a long explanatory letter stating all the needed stuff . We plan to take a flight next week and we will need a doctor’s note saying it’s safe for us to travel in lieu of taking another test . Ada’s doctor seemed to know the requirements and didn’t hesitate to send the needed document . My doctor , not so much .

And we’ll need some luck that we don’t run into some stubborn little airline despot who wants to show us who’s boss . Could happen .

Meanwhile , a friend of ours was taken tonight to the emergency room . Evidently 70 % of his lungs are filled with water . He has had muscle aches , bone aches, head aches , trouble breathing , and weakness for a few days now . He’s been very proudly unvaccinated . Evidently his wife is unvaccinated , too . Ada has been communicating with his young niece , who has taken charge of the situation . The niece called 911 a few days ago but the paramedics who arrived at the house said to keep him home unless he got worse . A day or two later he got worse .

We’re hoping for the best . I’m thinking , too , of the others I know who are unvaccinated . Good luck ; looks like they’ll need it . There is a joke about a drowning guy . A rowboat comes by to rescue him , then another , then a helicopter. The guy sends them all away , saying : “God will save me “. So when he shows up soon after in heaven he’s confused . Suggests that God had forsaken him . God says , ” Hey , I sent you a boat , then another boat ; I even sent you a helicopter ………” You know the joke . God helps those what helps themselves.

They could have had the vaccine . As my friend Mac would say : ” Just sayin’ “

Meanwhile , a friend of ours visited today . We sat out back and she opened a bottle of Prosecco . Then another . Then a bottle of red wine . She spent the day there with us . If I had smacked the friend over the head with a hammer it would have been a comparable experience , I suppose . Later , she slept a couple of hours on our couch and then I drove her home in her car and I walked back home in the dark .

Oh , I wasn’t drinking the bubbly or the wine. I’m a beer guy . I had a couple of beers , but then I drank coffee and stayed sober as a church mouse—– in case you’re asking .

Sometimes you can see the car wreck coming before it happens . Sometimes there might be something to be done to avoid disaster and sometimes not . I could kind of see this one coming in slow motion , if you know what I mean , like a car sliding slowly sideways on black ice , but didn’t know how to stop it .

Everyone makes his/her own decisions , not always the best ones , and life brings its challenges .

The problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world . Bogie playing Rick the night club owner said that .

Unless you’re one of those three people . Then it matters . I said that .


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