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Dogs in Paris

Well , I can’t claim that I know Paris , so let’s just shoot from the hip , so to speak . Ada and I have been over here for , well , a couple of weeks or three weeks , a few days or ten years —- take your pick . I’ve sort of lost sense of time . If I knew what date it is I could figure it out .

I just got back from the dog park with Tola , Ada’s sister’s dog . Tola wants to run , mainly , which requires a big enough companion dog with whom to trot along . Most of the dogs at the dog park are tiny little beasts . Cute , but tiny . A couple of larger ones today weren’t runners , I guess . They seem to be content with sniffing other dogs and turning in tight circles , but not running . Tola waits for that one longed -for dog who will take off and run the length of the area ; Tola will follow along in a game of chase —– but no luck today .

Tola is a Mexican hairless acquired , I think, from Mauritania . Maybe I got that wrong . Someplace that sounds like Mauritania . If I had a map , I would have a better sense of where some of these places are ; but I don’t . Anyway , it’s a nice dog , well behaved , courteous with people and other dogs . She runs like a greyhound . She waits mostly in vain for that longed-for runner to chase around with . I feel a little sorry for her as she watches those small dogs scuttling around in tight circles , taking off at a run but then abandoning the attempt immediately .

Tola wears a little doggie sweater and an outer coat . It’s red . Before I came over here I kind of thought the dog clothing thing was a lot of frou-frou . Ada’s sister had explained that since her dog is hairless it needs the extra protection from the elements . French froufrou , I thought ; but now I suppose the beast does get cold in the cold Paris air . I don’t know about in hot weather . We wash her paws after we come home . Maybe that makes sense , too . At any rate , dogs are a lot of work . We walk her three times a day , a long walk in the middle of the day . Entirely too much work , I say . It’s a great dog , but I’m glad it’s not mine .

Ada and I are responsible for the dog while Ada’s sis is in the hospital . She had heart surgery a week or so ago and came through it well . She will stay in rehab for ten days , and after that we’ll have to see how she does with the dog .

Sounds like we came to Paris to dog sit . Not exactly.

Yesterday Ada and I walked the dog downtown into the center of things , near the Opera , amongst the tourists , and we got seriously disoriented ; had to let GPS bail us out to find our way home . Ada’s sister couldn’t be there to guide us , and that dog of hers was of no use either . If Tola knew the way ( I’m quite sure that she did ) she wasn’t talking . Dogs !


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