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if this is tuesday…….

I saw a movie once about Americans traveling to Europe . I think the title was ” If This Is Tuesday , This Must Be Belgium “. It was some kind of a light-hearted comedy .

A couple of days ago in Paris I thought it was Wednesday until Ada corrected me . It was Saturday . And , of course , Sunday comes after Saturday ; but the next day Ada somehow thought it was Saturday . I don’t think there would be two Saturdays in a row .

I glance at a French calendar on the table from time to time , but it’s in French , after all , and I don’t speak French . I know , I know : shouldn’t be too hard to understand , you say , but I suppose it just doesn’t seem to matter . Days kind of blend one into another lately as we buy our baguettes and explore the streets around here and wait for Ada’s sister to recover enough from her heart surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation to return home .

Ada has been pointing out the similarities between French and English to me . Take the yogurt containers , for example ; peche yogurt is to us peach . Apricot is apricot . There is a French word , spelled somewhat similarly , that means morsel . I don’t remember the French word , but Ada was surprised that I didn’t recognize the similarity right off the bat . (There were morsels of strawberry in my yogurt .) Well , my mental bulb lights up sort of like those energy-saving light bulbs : you sort of gots to wait a bit before the light comes on .

I know , in my defense , the whole confusion began centuries ago when the French Normans invaded and took over England . 1066 , Battle of Hastings ? You remember that . The new rulers spoke their oh-so- sophisticated Frenchie language in the castles and at the posh parties and the poor conquered Saxons held on to their own lingo in the barnyards and the villages. That’s why we Americans raise pigs and cows in pens on farms but when we eat them we call it pork and beef . ( Well , unless we’re vegetarians or vegans , of course , or fruitarians . Or yogurtarians —- could be such people , I suppose . )

Anyway , I have to make a couple of corrections to my previous posts . It seems Ada was reading them and , well , I made a few glaring errors .

I may have mentioned the chien — I mean the dog . I may have said that the beast was from Madagasgar or Maldivia or someplace with an M ; but that was an error . Well , the M wasn’t in error . The animal is from Martinique . It is , according to Ada , an Iron dog from Martinique . So , there you go ! C’est la vie !

Well , I meant to say : It is what it is . I guess c’est la vie means something slightly else . Sorry , but let’s move on .

Oh , and Ada’s sister would be in the rehabilitation facility after her heart surgery for three weeks . I said ten days , but that was the length of the hospital stay . So now you know . All is right with the world .

Except for Hunter Biden . I heard from an old colleague of mine just a couple of days ago on Facebook . He posted something about some quiet retraction by the New York Times about something they had denied , I think , about some obscure e-mails in eastern Europe regarding Burisma and Hunter Biden ………….. Well , I skimmed the article from the New York Post that my friend had referenced but nothing really caught my attention , to be honest . I don’t think that I’ve been politicized enough to really care ; and all this time I surmised the contrary !

Okay , c’est la vie !

Speaking of politics , I read that President Macron is in Moscow and Kiev trying to mediate some kind of a solution to the situation on the Ukrainian border . As I understand it , Putin had built up a military force of over 100,000 soldiers with tanks and artillery and medical teams , etc. on the Ukraine borders for no particular reason whatsoever . No , he says , there’s no intention whatsoever to invade . That suggestion is all US propaganda to stir up trouble. Personally , I think Hunter Biden is behind this whole situation pulling the political strings . Call me crazy , but I’ll assure you of one thing : there should be an investigation .

Meanwhile , we’re ready to walk the chien again . Not even quite sure what day it is . I think we’re having cow for dinner with pasta . I think the Italians got pasta from China way before Hunter Biden was born . I like pasta , but since it may originally be Chinese , I won’t dare say my views out loud .

Vive le France ! Good luck to Macron ! All power to Martinique !

I think tomorrow’s Tuesday , but this ain’t Belgium . (Don’t get me started on the languages spoken in Belgium .) I’m pretty sure it’s still Paris and that this post may have turned out to be a debacle ( debacle: French word used in English ) . If so , then c’est la vie .


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