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mr. lucky

Sometimes I just focus for awhile on how lucky I am . Right now I’m sitting out in the backyard looking out at Ada’s roses . It’s a good year for roses . Other flowers are in bloom , too , and the tomato plants are doing well as are the zucchini and the basil . No zucchini yet . Small tomatoes are forming.

The lemon tree that Ada’s mom suggested I plant several years ago has resumed a thriving life. For years it produced three crops per year but for the last few years it has produced next to nothing . The few lemons that did form during those unproductive years dried up before they could be picked . I think that one of the summers we spent in Poland the person watching our place didn’t water the tree and it decided to protest the ill treatment ; but now it’s branches are full of juicy lemons. I suppose for no good reason it just decided that it is time to come back to it’s senses . I’ve given some to neighbors and we use them , but there are just too many to use . Ada says that we can leave them on the tree for a long long time ; she read the information somewhere ; but there comes a point in every lemon’s life when it’s time to move away from home . Anyway , the tree is lush with lemons and it adds to the Garden of Eden quality of the yard .

There are calla lilies in bloom , too ; not so many as we’ve had in the past perhaps , but they’re nice too . My mother never liked calla lillies. She said they reminded her of death . Oh , well ! To each his own . Once in awhile I snip one and put it in a vase for Ada to enjoy inside the house .

We had a couple of lilac bushes in bloom , too . Some people in other parts might not think this is such a big deal , but there is only one type of lilac that grows in this climate , as far as I’ve heard , and I began with one and propagated our bushes one from another . It takes time and is always a touch-and-go process , not always successful . Lilacs remind Ada of her younger life in Poland .

I’m listening to the news from Ukraine . I’m listening to the news from Sacramento. I’m thinking about the health problems of some of my friends . My problems ? Nothing in comparison . Check in from time to time and we’ll see , but so far so good .

Oh , of course , I have to mention my dear Ada , who now wants to be called Ray ( as in ray of sunshine ) . She’s at this moment in the kitchen preparing chicken thighs a special way for dinner . We call them squirrels and they are delicious . Anything that Ada cooks is delicious , and I am spoiled .

I just had a birthday . I still haven’t decided what I want to be when I grow up . Sometimes I’m a little amazed that I made it this far .

A friend of one of my sisters has a brother who , when he got married years ago , was called Mr. Lucky — mostly by his wife-to-be . We have a friend who recently moved to New York City and officially changed her name to Lucky . I live in a city founded by a rich guy named Elias Baldwin . He was known as Lucky Baldwin and somewhere I read that he never liked the nickname Lucky because he said that what he had was due to hard work and luck had little or nothing to do with it . Ben Franklin said diligence is the mother of good luck . ” I am a strong believer in luck , and I find that the harder I work the more luck I have ,” he said ( or something like that ).

I don’t know about all of that . All I know is that I’m a lucky guy . I’m not in the same boat as Lucky Baldwin or Mr. Franklin and I sure won’t change my name to Lucky . No one calls me Lucky either , but every once in awhile I remember that I am . The roses and the sunshine help . And the lemons .


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