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missed my flight

A friend of mine called today about 6am my time . ” Are you there yet ?” he asked . ” I’m on my way .”

” It’s tomorrow , ” I said .

” Oh , shit ; I got the wrong day “, he said . ” This is the 26th ?”

I told him I’d check the calendar . I was half-asleep . ” No , it’s the 27th”, I said .

” Well , I have today off “, he said . ” Wasn’t I supposed to pick you up today?” he said . ” Wait a minute ; is it the 26th today or the 27th ?”

A fine couple of beasts ! It quickly dawned on me that he was right and I was wrong . ” Check your ticket “, he said ; and I did .

Yeah , I should have been on the flight last night. I should be stepping off the plane about now . Now we have a problem . I was meeting him for his 70th birthday party soon to happen.

. ” I’ll call you back ,” I told him .

Ada hastily rebooked a ticket for me for late today . The one way ticket cost what the round trip had cost . I assumed that I’d also have to rent a car and meet him at the party location . I called him to inform him of the changes and he asked me how it had affected me financially . I told him. ” Shit happens ,” he said . Yeah , it sometimes does .

Luckily for me he had a couple of gigs cancelled for the next day . He’s a musician . ” I just got off the phone ,” he said . “We rescheduled for Friday so I can pick you up at the airport tomorrow”. Well, at least that’s something ; saves me renting a car .

How could I have screwed up the days ? The itinerary is clearly written : Departure April 26 . Well , shit happens . I had a friend who would say : This mistake will be a lesson that will save you money and grief in the long because you will be more careful from now on . Maybe it will .

Oh , well ! We have to take the good with the bad . Everyone screws up once in awhile . If I don’t make tonight’s flight , though , I may have to hang up my spurs .


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