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onward to Texas

First a short comment about Midland , Texas . As far as I know , former President George the Second Bush has a ranch there . Now , granted , we just drove through on the interstate , but , hey , why would anyone want to live in Midland , Texas ? Well , there is the aroma of oil in the air , of course . Texas tea . Black gold . No offense to Texas , but Midland , Texas is about the ugliest spot that I’ve seen in Texas . No comment here about Texas in general , but we did pass through an hour or so of greenery in west Texas , a pretty area ; again , on the interstate .

We were headed to Fort Worth . As far as I know , I had never been in Fort Worth . Dallas , once , yeah , when I was a kid and too young to remember much of anything there . We went to the stockyards on the day we were there in Fort Worth , Ada and I . We heard that there was a fair , some rodeo stuff , or western -fair stuff happening , and we agreed to go . I thought it would be a rodeo . Hadn’t been to a rodeo since the Prescott rodeo years ago . Why not ! See a rodeo while in Texas . That sounds about right .

But the stockyards ain’t the place for a rodeo . What used to be stockyards has been transformed into swank shops that all seem to sell the same stuff : cowboy hats , boots , western shirts made in China , candy , refrigerator magnets with local themes . There were a few restaurants and some ice cream stands . Now , I’m from California , but real Texas this stockyards phenomenon ain’t . I was looking for a snack that wouldn’t require us to morgage our house , so I asked a couple of parking valets , who seemed like local guys . Where could I get just a taco ? One of them , the older man with the more rugged complexion pointed to an alley . Food trucks just around the corner , he said . Perfect ! And so we went.

There were two food trucks ; both served Mexican food . Our niece , who was the one who told us that everyone in Fort Worth raves about the stockyards , walked up to the window of the first food truck and ordered what they called a huarache . It was more or less a taco on a slab of what looked like Navaho fried bread . Maybe it was just a thick soft tortilla . The thing wasn’t much bigger than a taco , though . I noticed later that it cost her thirteen dollars . A taco at the other truck was two dollars and fifty cents .

I didn’t tell the huarache eater that she could have got a taco or two from the other truck at a reasonable price instead of the outrageous thirteen dollars that she paid for whatever it was she bought . She’s from France , visiting Fort Worth for a few days because a theater in the Cultural District of the city invited her to display one of her paintings for a major exhibit . They wined and dined some of the artists for a few days and Ada and I went to Fort Worth to see the exhibit and to travel back to CA with our niece who would be flying back to Paris from LAX .

The artist niece was the one who suggested we see the stockyards . She loved the experience ; got to see a stagecoach and shop for real Texas gear ( much of it made in China or Vietnam or Bangladesh ) . The place was full of Texans who also were loving the experience . Kids were licking ice cream cones and their parents were wearing their new cowboy hats . Some were staggering out of upscale food joints carrying styrofoam containers of leftover grub. Everyone was wandering along the street or along roofed lines of shops stretched along what used to be livestock pens in days long gone .

The inauthenticity of it all was getting to me . At least I accidently found a free parking area . That was something worthwhile . I savor that little piece of the morning and the rest , well the rest I almost regret ; but that’s just me . I’m from California , after all . At any rate , I feel definitely like been there done that and I won’t need to do that stockyards thing again . The place was full of enthusiastic people though . I should say that .


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