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So I’m not going to write about starting sentences with “so”. So I hear that usage a little less and less than I had heard it a few years ago , but it’s still around to bother me . Not that I take it personally though . So what do I care if people start statements with “so” . So what ! So language changes . So luckily , however , this so thing doesn’t seem to have caught on to any overwhelming degree . So on we go .

So we were sitting around the table under the eves on the back patio in Arcadia last night , Ada and I and her sister and a couple of friends , and the topic of language came up . So Ada’s sister knows four languages . So I know one and a handful of words and phrases from a few others , although I do speak a lot of nonsense with some effortlessness . Ada speaks three languages fluently . Our British friend at the table claims to know only English — ” and some American “. Someone at the table was praising the English language as being uniquely welcoming to new innovations and variations . ( Happened to be a teacher of English literature who dislikes Mark Twain , so I take her views with a grain of sea salt . )So , so welcoming is our bhasha ! So I kept quiet about my feelings about beginning sentences with so . I didn’t want to appear to be un-American .

Ada and her sis are beginning a driving trip up to Seattle tomorrow to visit a couple of Polish friends. Seems like a long way to go just to chat for a few days in Polish . I mean , why not just go to Poland ? I declined to accompany them on the trip . My Polish is not up to making a 1000 mile trip just to listen to some Polish chatter . I’m sure the Polish folks up there in Seattle are very nice ; however , it’s a long way to go just to be reminded that my Polish fuency ain’t . Just ain’t . I can sit here in my backyard and reflect on that deficit a bit if I feel the need to instead of being confronted with it head-on.

Ada’s sis , who lives in Paris , put up a bit of an argument that it would be a terrible shame to be passing about an hour away from San Francisco , for example , and not to go see the city . Like you just pop in , see the place , and pop out . There are lots of places and things to see on the way from Arcadia to Seattle , but Ada has made the journey several times with me and she knows that they’d never make it to Seattle if too much unconstrained spontaneousness intervenes . It’s nice to be on the road , but even Jack Kerouac made it home at some point .

Ah , Cosmo our cat took a deep sigh of relief this morning when sister-in-law’s doggie left for Seattle with the girls ! Funny how animals seem to know the score , to sense what’s happening without having to be told . So it’s not a language skill of course . So it’d be nice if I could learn a bit about it , maybe from Cosmo over the next few days . So , it could happen . You never know ( Well , maybe Cosmo knows ).


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