Knuckleheads , a new book by Dan Antion on sale

I just finished reading a novel written by a fellow blogger , Dan Antion . The title is “Knuckleheads”. That’s a term never really used by my crowd but often spoken by a fellow teacher way back when who used it a lot to comment on anyone from students , teachers , administrators , and anyone else who he thought needed the assessment .

I must admit that when reading the novel “Knuckleheads” I wasn’t sure who exactly the true knuckleheads were . Maybe the designation shifts , or maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention .

I was too busy enjoying the reading. Ada would say from time to time , ” That book must be good “, because I was stuck on reading it ; and it is good . There’s something about the writing that not only holds a reader’s attention but that is somehow very soothing .

The narrator writes about his childhood with numerous insights into how life was back then . Comments from the main character’s daughter offer a balance and evaluation of how things back then compared with today’s world , always with an easygoing sense of humor .

The narrator reveals that he has lucid dreams that began in childhood . He discusses the odd phenomenon confidentially with his father who tries to guide the boy along the confusing road of childhood and also with a friend of his named Billy , who also has an unusual ability .

We learn of a multitude of incidents and situations that all come along naturally to fill us in on what childhood and adolescence was like for this character . Towards the end of the novel we are introduced little by little to the girl who the guy will eventually marry and who , therefore , becomes the mother of the main character’s daughter who is listening to her father’s story of his unusual early life and who offers comments and questions as we readers follow along on the journey , too . It’s a nice device , I think , to have the daughter there to hear the tale and to offer her particular perspectives on various events on her father’s life as he reveals his inner life to her .

Anyway , I liked it . You will too . Frankly , I’m jealous of the author’s writing skill . The novel floats along as if you the reader ( me , the reader ! ) got somehow caught up in an interesting and pleasant dream that you wish could go on longer than it does .

I kept seeing ” Book One” at the top of the page . I suspect a Book Two to be published soon . There is a lot of unfinished business still to discover about this character’s life when the novel ends .


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10 responses to “Knuckleheads , a new book by Dan Antion on sale

  1. GP

    Yes, Dan does have another book or two in the works. I know he’ll appreciate your review.
    I had to laugh when I first saw the title – I hadn’t heard the word ‘knucklehead’ since I was a kid.

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed the book, Dan. Thank you very much for this review. Book-2 will be out near the end of August. A lot of years have past since childhood, but I think you will enjoy the story.

  3. PS – I love the dashboard photo – it’s perfect!

  4. Marvelous review, Dan. Congrats, Dan. Hmmm I’m starting to confuse myself, so I’ll stop now. 😀 Hugs all around.

  5. Dan, I think you are a very good writer. Don’t be a knucklehead and sell yourself short. Go and write your own story. I’m sure it would be great too.

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