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I have a spitting headache

Well , not really . I wanted to report about some further splitting of wood , mostly eucalyptus , up at my cabin . My neighbor Dave was good enough to leave his splitter behind my cabin .

We’re almost done . I say ” we ” because Dave has been helping me all along . He came over with one of his chain saws yesterday and did a few finishing cuts of the logs that have been sitting around waiting . ( What else do logs have to look forward to ? )

I had some splitting work to do . I dragged the cut pieces across the lot to the splitter . I could , alternately , have paid a gym for the opportunity to exercise some of the muscles that I seldom use , but no ! I have a dolley that acts more like a sled in the soft dirt and pine needles when the small wheels are blocked . There must be an easier way , I think , but hey , after all I don’t need to pay extra for an individual exercise program . No trainer . Life is good !

During a short break from chain-sawing and splitting , Dave and I talked a little . When all is said and done , we’re lucky , he said . I got no complaints , he said .

Dave is no spring chicken , either , I should say . We just work as much as we can and do no more . Last Sunday he rode his mountain bike for 15 miles or so , and then he asked me for a half hour or so to rest and he said then he’d be over . I granted it to him , like the king of Siam , like the Queen of England. Then he came over for our wood work session. I tried to talk him out of it , it was a hot day , but what can I say ? Dave likes to work .

I like work , too , as it happens . I love work , in fact . I can watch it all day long !

So we worked for an hour or so on the few remaining logs . Dave had other projects that he needed to get to , so I talked him out of working any longer at my place . I had enough pieces to split by that time that he had cut to take up the rest of my afternoon .

Oh , I should tell you that Dave took a slice of one of the eucalyptus logs that happened to be heart shaped . He’s sanding it and will finish it with oil as a gift for his wife . Sanding eucalyptus is no small task , but a few hours later that day he was done .

I could hear his sander going across the road all afternoon and he could hear my ( his ) splitter going .

There is one more large eucalyptus log waiting for us . We’ll get to it sometime in the future . Dave will cut it up with his big chain saw . I’ll supervise . ” And then what will we do ? ” Dave asked , half joking . We’ll be done with the pile of logs .

I think that we’ll have other projects , somehow . I love work . I could watch it all day long .


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