baking, etc.

I guess I haven’t been out in the world enough . Not enough to comprehend the new trends , the “in” things , the latest technologies . The heat in the Los Angeles area lately has slowed me down a lot . I have more time to think and wonder about it all ; but of course I don’t seem to .

A former colleague of mine sent me a phone message : there’s an informal get-together Sunday at his place . I found the message kind of by accident when I fired up my tablet . There was his little face in a round little frame ; so I responded : no , no way this Sunday . Then I thought maybe the message was an old one ; could be years old . Things pop up on my devices sometimes that’re way out of date . A Polish friend of mine who passed away years ago commented a couple of days ago on a post of mine . Luckily it was a positive comment.

I need to pay more attention . My first assumption is that for sure I haven’t discovered some new passage to the world of the dead , the celestial sphere , the netherworld . That’s a given . And the former colleague’s invitation to the gathering ? He sells real estate now and I’m 99.9% sure that the underlying intention behind the invite is to hawk his wares . I don’t care if the message is years old or just minutes old ; the answer is the same : no. Good luck and good hunting , but it ain’t me babe . No , no ,no ; it ain’t me babe ( Bobby Zimmerman said that ).

Right after I graduated from UCLA an old high school buddy of mine gave me a call . I was thrilled to hear from him after four or five years . Two minutes into our reminiscing he asked if I was married . No . Then he asked if I planned to get married some day . Yeah . Then he gave up the pretense- of- friendship introductory ruse and started heavy with his sales pitch : Well , when you marry and have kids you’ll need life insurance …………… He was selling life insurance . He could not care less about me otherwise . That was clear . Bye , Steve , I said , and hung up . Good luck and good hunting . Hope you don’t alienate too many more people in the process .

Not that I’m against salespeople . My grandpa was a salesman and I spent some of the best days of my childhood following him around the garden . I carried the shovel and he planted the potatoes . He never tried to sell me anything , now that I think of it . I have good friends who are , or were , salespeople . No problem with sales people . Live and let live . To each his own.

Well , I hope the old colleague real estate broker didn’t send me that message recently . I hope that it indeed was sent years ago . He’ll now get my timely response . I had to think it over for awhile , after all . I don’t want to rush things .

I’m gonna bake some chicken for tomorrow’s dinner . Ada and her sister took a trip up to Seattle and they will be back tomorrow . They’ll have to bake in 105 degree heat during the day tomorrow while driving down Interstate 5 . They’ll pass not too far from Bakersfield — an apropos name , eh ? Arcadia will be a cool paradise weatherwise for them by then , I’m sure . A relief. Everything is relative .

I plugged in a new router /modem today . Our internet service provider sent it to me free of charge after a 15-20 minute video chat . The wait time for a phone call would have been about two hours . At least they warn you ! The system they have , or pretend to have , to automatically call me back when my turn finally comes up didn’t work . I tried to request it a few times before I gave up and I started a video chat .

I got the new router after only two business days . I had bought two previous routers in the weeks before , trying to solve on my own some small issues with our internet . Proceeding from a position of almost total ignorance , I nevertheless pushed ahead with my project . It’s one of those things in life that should be easy , I said to myself . Where there’s a will there’s a way . As my neighbor on the mountain says : Nothing is impossible ; and if it’s impossible it just takes a little longer . So I forged ahead .

Eventually , though , I returned both of those routers in defeat and called our internet provider. I resorted to a video chat . I tried to explain my problem and we discussed this and that and whatever for ten or fifteen minutes . She took a few short breaks during the chat ( To laugh at me , I wouldn’t be surprised ; or to curse me out to her colleagues , perhaps ) Then I suggested that a tech who knows what’s what be sent out to the house . Her tone of voice on the video chat ( I know, know , there’s no voice ! But still ! ) said NO WAY ! ; we don’t do that ( unless they want to sell you something , I think ) . The best we can do , the company chat person ( or robot ? ) said , is to send us a new router in two to three business days .

Okay .

All I know is the new router works , the chicken is marinating , Ada is on her way home , and it’s not too hot yet today . If a travelling salesman comes to the door , though , I’ll let you know . [ Sorry : salesperson ( let’s not forget the girl scouts ! ). ] Maybe someone will try to sell me solar power ; one never knows .

There’s a guy who contacts me every 6 months by phone and mail too who wants to service our air-conditioning unit . We don’t have one , but he keeps trying . Maybe I should suggest to him that instead of hawking service to a non-existing unit , he try to sell me one . On the other hand : no . It ain’t me babe ( Johnny Cash said that ).


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  1. The pandemic made short work of those get together a to be sold something. I heard from an old friend recently. He wanted to share my name to his investment advisor. It ain’t me babe. Good answer. I’ll tell him, that’s what the trendy people in Southern California say.

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