A whining post

So , what have we got ? I guess I’ll whine right now about the flight over here. No leg room. Even the isles are smaller. The flight took off over an hour late .

We would miss our connecting flight in Munich. Ada said we wouldn’t run after we landed trying to make it. When we exited the aircraft she took off like a sprinter nevertheless and I did my best to keep up. We had to take an airport shuttle , fly up and down escalators that were working and not.

I think our connecting flight was still on the ground. The bored guy at the desk told us we were too late. Go to the service desk, he said. Like he cared !

So if your airline works as it should , why do you need a service desk with eight or ten clerks on duty. The service desk is longer than the check-in desks. Ada liked it. It worked efficiently. I saw an integral contradiction. They know the whole thing is set up to fail. They have a service desk for that instead of fixing the flaw in the system. Maybe it’s just me.

The clerk booked us immediately on the next flight out. Another airline. We were going to Warsaw. Four hours to wait. Oh , but we each had 15 euros to spend in the Munich airport in the meantime. Maybe enough for a sandwich or a beer.

What luxury ! Ah , but I won’t whine about that. The guy in the seat in front of me on the flight from L.A. was one of these guys who likes to rock the seat. A little guy (yeah , I’ve got a bias about the little guy syndrome !) Meanwhile my knees are up against the seat ahead of me. I was taking those thin magazines out of the pocket to gain another centimeter of two of space.

When I become Procurator I’m immediately ordering the arrest of airline seat designers , airline CEOs , etc. They should all be put away. Made to spend the rest of their miserable lives in aircraft seat- sized spaces.

Other than that , it was just a fine flight. Fine . It didn’t ditch into the ocean. I didn’t have to find out if those air cup devices are real or not. They look like something snatched from a preschool room. And no vicious terrorists commandeered the flight. That’something.

But I digress.

Here we are in Poland. Life is good. Someone slap me. Stop your whining! Here for Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS !


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5 responses to “A whining post

  1. A little whining never hurt anyone! Well it may have caused a few people too… Never mind. Merry Christmas!

  2. “The service desk is longer than the check-in desks.” That is a sad statement about air travel.

    Merry Christmas Dan. I think you’ve earned that.

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