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dentists / that’s cold

We’ve been pelted with rain for several days . Yesterday was sunny but the rain has returned off and on today . Predictions seem to be all over the map. Ada gets her predictions from her phone and I get mine from my laptop and from whomever is predicting …….; well , they’re on different planets . Ada says at ten o’clock 100% chance of heavy rain while my site says sunny . Rain will show up later . Or not . The 10 p.m. rain never came last night , postponed until 6 a.m. , but that didn’t arrive until about 9 .

Oh , well . And so it goes .

It’s been cold for us , too , here in sunny southern California , but I won’t mention temperatures . I don’t want the rest of you harping on about how spoiled we are here and how your places are so much colder and you aren’t complaining . And on . Still , for us the air is cold . I’m looking up at the foothills around here and I see snow . That’s a rare event . Oh , snow ! you say . What a baby ! you say .

Ah , well . It is what it is .

We’ve not even gone up to our little A-frame cabin lately . The neighbor from across the road called me and told me that I shouldn’t consider coming up there in my little car until April . He said April . They’re covered in snow . Two feet of the stuff fell yesterday . Maybe the neighbor’s not joking . Maybe April .

Last summer we had extremely hot weather around here . Unusually hot . I was at my dentist’s today and he wished that all of this cold weather and rain might suggest that our summer will be less hot than the last one . Good luck buddy , I was thinking , but I don’t think that’s the way it works . I told him : We’ll see . And left it at that . It was only a bit of official dentist back and forth chit chat anyway .

My previous dentist used to like to talk politics and sports . He presented himself as an aficionado and expert in both areas . It took him years to realize that I disagreed with him on every point he tried to make . Most of my few -and- far-between responses , of course , were limited to a bit of somewhat inhuman grunting efforts because my mouth was wide open and sharp dental instruments were maneuvering around inside my mouth .

He had a picture of The Three Stooges on his office wall , though , so I knew the guy wasn’t all bad . And he was a good dentist , in my opinion , despite his politics.

Ada hated him at first , by the way , but over the years she got to like him . He didn’t talk sports or politics with her . Instead , he discussed his marriage and other personal things with her . He told her to call him Bill . They got to be friends who saw one another twice a year .

I once asked the guy why he decided to become a dentist . He closed the door to the office and lowered his voice . He knew I was a teacher with Los Angeles Unified School District .

I was a math teacher with LA Unified , he told me , almost in a whisper so his partner and others in the office wouldn’t hear . But my wife wanted me to make more money .

The guy did all of his own cleaning , etc. , so that when we went to see “the dentist ” we actually saw the dentist . That’s not as common these days , I think . My present dentist took over the other man’s practice and I see him for a minute or two after the technician finishes the cleaning and the x-rays or whatever .

What does this dentist stuff have to do with the rain and cold weather you ask . Good question .

The cold is beginning to affect my brain —— that could be an answer . Couldn’t it ? Somehow shivering and being uncomfortable makes me think of dentists .

Ah , well ! It is what it is .


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new post about glasses

Well , I got a call from my sister yesterday who mentioned that I haven’t posted a blog in awhile . She wanted to know if I am still kicking , I guess . Yeah , I am , as far as I know .

Ada and I were walking today to the optometrist . We both ordered new eyeglasses . Insurance pays most of the bill . I liked some of the frames but they were about $ 200 or more . My insurance pays $100 toward frames every two years . Used to be several frames under $100 , but that phenomenon seems to be slipping way .

I can’t lose the thought that any of those frames are made for a few bucks . Not a bad mark-up for those glasses-frames sellers , especially the designer brand sellers . Most of it seems to be so-called designer brands these days . I think I saw a Michael Jackson brand of frames . Could have been some other sports celebrity .

I’m not much for celebrities . I’m too cheap to spend an extra 100 or two ( or three or four ) just to have a name brand . Who cares ! So you have Ray Bans or Versace or Oakleys . I’m not impressed . Are people impressed with the fact that you spent an extra chunk of cash on your eyeglasses frames , more money than someone else did ( say , me ) ? If so then , as they say in the South : Bless your heart !

Ada and I were out in apple-growing country several years ago leisurely self-picking in an apple orchard when I found a pair of sunglasses under a tree . They were plastic things , kind of flimsy I thought , but worked okay . Light weight ; an interesting shape . I wore them around for years , never thinking much about them . I have to admit that I always thought they were cheapos . Then one day a kid at school said to me , kind of out of the blue : Oh , you have Oakleys . My father has Oakleys .

Oakleys ? I asked him what are Oakleys . Your glasses , he said . You can tell by the symbol on the side , he said .

Oh ! Oakleys .

The sunglasses eventually began to wear out . The plastic finally began to peel off . I looked up the cost of a new pair of Oakleys . Back then my particular style of Oakleys cost $80 . The same ones on display at the optometrists today were $200 . Well , everything costs more these days . The school police officer at my school back then when I wore the Oakleys told me that the police can get a 10% discount on Oakleys . He offered to pass the discount along to me . I demurred .

I think I lost the Oakleys at some point . Then I found a new-looking pair of Burberry sunglasses . I pulled into a church parking lot to turn around on a busy street and I noticed the sunglasses sitting there on the vacant asphalt kind of just sitting there waiting for me .

Someone’s watching out for me . Maybe my guardian angel feels sorry for me once in awhile . The watchful angel noticed that I had lost my Oakleys. They were worn out anyway . It takes a long time to wear-out a pair of Oakleys , by the way . Years . I was making due with Dollar Store sunglasses ; putting up with Ada’s teasings about me wearing cheap-looking shades . Well , they were cheap . Then I happened upon the Burberrys . I wore those things for quite a while , too ; but I must have lost them . I don’t remember what happened to those Burberrys . Maybe I sat on them and broke them . It’ll come to me . Or not . But I don’t have them any more .

Back to Dollar Store sunglasses .

Maybe I should splurge and buy myself a replacement pair of Oakleys . If I spent that kind of money on sunglasses , though , I’d sit on them and break them , or drop them somewhere and lose them . Or I’d have to spend my time with them worried that I’d break or lose them . Too much inner stress !

Just in passing , though , a hint to my guardian angel : It might be time for me to find another pair of sunglasses . Polarized , please . Maybe Versace this time , or Ray Ban . Doesn’t matter to me. You choose.


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plants and cactus girl

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