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Well , I got a call from my sister yesterday who mentioned that I haven’t posted a blog in awhile . She wanted to know if I am still kicking , I guess . Yeah , I am , as far as I know .

Ada and I were walking today to the optometrist . We both ordered new eyeglasses . Insurance pays most of the bill . I liked some of the frames but they were about $ 200 or more . My insurance pays $100 toward frames every two years . Used to be several frames under $100 , but that phenomenon seems to be slipping way .

I can’t lose the thought that any of those frames are made for a few bucks . Not a bad mark-up for those glasses-frames sellers , especially the designer brand sellers . Most of it seems to be so-called designer brands these days . I think I saw a Michael Jackson brand of frames . Could have been some other sports celebrity .

I’m not much for celebrities . I’m too cheap to spend an extra 100 or two ( or three or four ) just to have a name brand . Who cares ! So you have Ray Bans or Versace or Oakleys . I’m not impressed . Are people impressed with the fact that you spent an extra chunk of cash on your eyeglasses frames , more money than someone else did ( say , me ) ? If so then , as they say in the South : Bless your heart !

Ada and I were out in apple-growing country several years ago leisurely self-picking in an apple orchard when I found a pair of sunglasses under a tree . They were plastic things , kind of flimsy I thought , but worked okay . Light weight ; an interesting shape . I wore them around for years , never thinking much about them . I have to admit that I always thought they were cheapos . Then one day a kid at school said to me , kind of out of the blue : Oh , you have Oakleys . My father has Oakleys .

Oakleys ? I asked him what are Oakleys . Your glasses , he said . You can tell by the symbol on the side , he said .

Oh ! Oakleys .

The sunglasses eventually began to wear out . The plastic finally began to peel off . I looked up the cost of a new pair of Oakleys . Back then my particular style of Oakleys cost $80 . The same ones on display at the optometrists today were $200 . Well , everything costs more these days . The school police officer at my school back then when I wore the Oakleys told me that the police can get a 10% discount on Oakleys . He offered to pass the discount along to me . I demurred .

I think I lost the Oakleys at some point . Then I found a new-looking pair of Burberry sunglasses . I pulled into a church parking lot to turn around on a busy street and I noticed the sunglasses sitting there on the vacant asphalt kind of just sitting there waiting for me .

Someone’s watching out for me . Maybe my guardian angel feels sorry for me once in awhile . The watchful angel noticed that I had lost my Oakleys. They were worn out anyway . It takes a long time to wear-out a pair of Oakleys , by the way . Years . I was making due with Dollar Store sunglasses ; putting up with Ada’s teasings about me wearing cheap-looking shades . Well , they were cheap . Then I happened upon the Burberrys . I wore those things for quite a while , too ; but I must have lost them . I don’t remember what happened to those Burberrys . Maybe I sat on them and broke them . It’ll come to me . Or not . But I don’t have them any more .

Back to Dollar Store sunglasses .

Maybe I should splurge and buy myself a replacement pair of Oakleys . If I spent that kind of money on sunglasses , though , I’d sit on them and break them , or drop them somewhere and lose them . Or I’d have to spend my time with them worried that I’d break or lose them . Too much inner stress !

Just in passing , though , a hint to my guardian angel : It might be time for me to find another pair of sunglasses . Polarized , please . Maybe Versace this time , or Ray Ban . Doesn’t matter to me. You choose.


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12 responses to “new post about glasses

  1. Anonymous

    Try Warby Parker for glasses

  2. GP

    I’m glad your sister prodded you to post!

  3. When my son could afford it, he always wore Oakleys. I never saw the value. Here’s hoping your guardian angels sets you n the right path for the next pair. (I wear prescription sunglasses so they are always expensive.)

  4. The baseball cap is a good start alternative…

  5. Those glasses are a good look, Dan. Your guardian angel shops in the right places.

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