dentists / that’s cold

We’ve been pelted with rain for several days . Yesterday was sunny but the rain has returned off and on today . Predictions seem to be all over the map. Ada gets her predictions from her phone and I get mine from my laptop and from whomever is predicting …….; well , they’re on different planets . Ada says at ten o’clock 100% chance of heavy rain while my site says sunny . Rain will show up later . Or not . The 10 p.m. rain never came last night , postponed until 6 a.m. , but that didn’t arrive until about 9 .

Oh , well . And so it goes .

It’s been cold for us , too , here in sunny southern California , but I won’t mention temperatures . I don’t want the rest of you harping on about how spoiled we are here and how your places are so much colder and you aren’t complaining . And on . Still , for us the air is cold . I’m looking up at the foothills around here and I see snow . That’s a rare event . Oh , snow ! you say . What a baby ! you say .

Ah , well . It is what it is .

We’ve not even gone up to our little A-frame cabin lately . The neighbor from across the road called me and told me that I shouldn’t consider coming up there in my little car until April . He said April . They’re covered in snow . Two feet of the stuff fell yesterday . Maybe the neighbor’s not joking . Maybe April .

Last summer we had extremely hot weather around here . Unusually hot . I was at my dentist’s today and he wished that all of this cold weather and rain might suggest that our summer will be less hot than the last one . Good luck buddy , I was thinking , but I don’t think that’s the way it works . I told him : We’ll see . And left it at that . It was only a bit of official dentist back and forth chit chat anyway .

My previous dentist used to like to talk politics and sports . He presented himself as an aficionado and expert in both areas . It took him years to realize that I disagreed with him on every point he tried to make . Most of my few -and- far-between responses , of course , were limited to a bit of somewhat inhuman grunting efforts because my mouth was wide open and sharp dental instruments were maneuvering around inside my mouth .

He had a picture of The Three Stooges on his office wall , though , so I knew the guy wasn’t all bad . And he was a good dentist , in my opinion , despite his politics.

Ada hated him at first , by the way , but over the years she got to like him . He didn’t talk sports or politics with her . Instead , he discussed his marriage and other personal things with her . He told her to call him Bill . They got to be friends who saw one another twice a year .

I once asked the guy why he decided to become a dentist . He closed the door to the office and lowered his voice . He knew I was a teacher with Los Angeles Unified School District .

I was a math teacher with LA Unified , he told me , almost in a whisper so his partner and others in the office wouldn’t hear . But my wife wanted me to make more money .

The guy did all of his own cleaning , etc. , so that when we went to see “the dentist ” we actually saw the dentist . That’s not as common these days , I think . My present dentist took over the other man’s practice and I see him for a minute or two after the technician finishes the cleaning and the x-rays or whatever .

What does this dentist stuff have to do with the rain and cold weather you ask . Good question .

The cold is beginning to affect my brain —— that could be an answer . Couldn’t it ? Somehow shivering and being uncomfortable makes me think of dentists .

Ah , well ! It is what it is .


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8 responses to “dentists / that’s cold

  1. GP

    I enjoy whatever cool days we get, because just like this past week, we are all too soon in the high 80’s and low 90’s.
    I love that wrong way sign!!

  2. It’s always colder, wetter, deeper or hotter somewhere, Dan. If it’s unusual for you, feel free to complain. It won’t help, but it might make you feel better. Our dentist just added a technician/hygienist/whatever and it’s not the same. I miss having him do the cleanings. We finally got some snow here, but it won’t last. A warmish rain is falling on it as we speak. I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Good night Dan, I’m a journalist and I’m looking for your uncle’s relatives. How can I contact you?

    • Which uncle ? Fill me in a little bit on your purpose .

      • I am Maya Miroshnychenko, a producer of NHK Japan TV, based out in New York. NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation is currently working on a story about the Battle of Midway. We are trying to illustrate the Battle of Midway from the personal experience of sailors/marines/soldiers. Are you a nephew of Daniel Joseph Hennessy, Jr.?
        Thank you

      • Yes , I am . I was named after him. I would like to find a more secure method of contacting you .

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