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still crazy

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weird manI think that my first grade teacher was on to something when she took my parents aside and told them that little Danny , that’s me , should see a psychiatrist .

Well , maybe she said a psychologist , or a counselor . My father was mildly outraged by this diagnosis , I guess , or at least irritated . I don’t know what my mother thought at the time . She’s the one who , always with a sly smile , told the story later on . Knowing her , though , she could well have been getting a kick out of it , deep down . She liked a little twist in life , I think , a little touch of oddity and independence  .

Not that having a six -year-old crazy child was something to joke about ; or shall I say , more appropriately …

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The Edwardian Code: A Postcard with a Secret Message — History Geek

It isn’t often that one gets the opportunity to solve a secret message written over a century ago. I’ve been collecting vintage postcards for more than twenty years and this is the only one I’ve personally come across that has a message on the back actually written in secret code. This sort of thing is […]

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KARPACZ 2017 310








PARIS June 2017 090

Picture 078


Coupon and road sign 005

Polish signsANGELUS oaks Jan 2015 with Sally 138alley walk Arcadia 045

cow sign

Angelus Oaks Nov. 2014 029


uncertain city sign e. texas


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weird man  There was an article in the LA Times a couple of days ago about bomb shelters . Evidently some manufacturer is still making them for those interested . They were a big-selling item in the 1960s , when it was the Russians we thought might be raining nuclear bombs down on us . Now it’s the North Koreans who might be the aggressors , although several other countries have the things , too , and there’s the risk of rogue players stealing them for nefarious purposes .

I didn’t read the article in much detail , but I think the shelters start at about $25,000 . Of course , you would have to dig a hole , I think , to put the thing in . That might run a few bucks . Then you’d have to furnish the place with survival supplies and , ideally , the comforts of home . All in all , it would be a major expense for most of us ; but hey ! , you’re worth it ! Aren’t you ?

They say the latest North Korean  “device” is at least ten times as powerful/destructive as Fat Man and Little Boy , which were dropped on Japan . The North Korean ambassador to the United Nations called their nuclear weapons , as I understand it , “gift packages” for the US.  The trouble is , in some cultures , good manners require that  gift-giving must be reciprocated . I’m pretty sure that our Pentagon knows this and already has  gifts for the North Koreans   wrapped and ready . Pillbox

I want to know what the bomb shelter people think about the day after the day the world goes nuclear boom boom ,  supposing  that none of the blasts damage the shelter.  How long do you live underground before it’s safe to emerge ?  And what kind of a place will be left above  ?

Okay , I know , I know , many readers have read books , both fiction and non-fiction , on the subject . I know . Books have been published ; movies have been made . I think that’s my point : This is not a new subject .

Here we are , nevertheless , back again with the threat of nuclear war and potential nuclear annihilation  as wild fires burn all over the west ; as one hurricane devastates a city and another threatening hurricane approaches , as all of us face our daily personal challenges .  Now we have to also worry about how to finance a nuclear bomb shelter ? Not fair !

I’m putting that decision off for awhile .100_2559

I know , I know . But what can I do ? I’ve got so many other things  (as they say) on my plate . We’re having a new driveway put in in just a few days . The old driveway dates back to 1941 , and it’s showing it’s age . And I should prepare my survival supplies for the upcoming  ‘big one” earthquake . It’s coming , the scientists say . Definitely . Everyone should be prepared to get along for awhile after the devastation . And my former employer who provides our health insurance coverage cancelled Ada’s insurance for no known reason . ” It was a glitch ” the man said over the phone , and that they’d contact our health provider and straighten out the problem .

I hope that the new driveway happens before the next big disaster . One should be able to rely , at least , on one’s driveway .Robert in Szcz. 2015 125



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a bit about belts

I’d wear a belt until it breaks if it tightens up securely , if the holes are in just the right place . Sometimes I lose a little weight , or gain a little , and the belt all of a sudden doesn’t fit exactly right —- either too loose or too tight . It’s a periodic problem .  I can hear a group of you out there saying : If that’s your biggest problem , then don’t complain .gunbelt 2

And I know , you’re right . With all the stress and strain in the world , and everyday problems , who cares about belts . Even other bloggers publish posts about significant issues , or report interesting things , or , at least , have some important focus that shines through in their writing .gunbelt

So I choose to write about belts . Maybe I should just quit here , walk on over to the Elephant Room in the Aztec Hotel and have a belt or two and forget the whole thing .

Ah , but it’s a little too hot to do that today. The temp right now is 107 F and it’s headed up to 109 . It’ll stick there for a few hours . Not to worry , it’ll cool down nicely to 90 or so by midnight . Too hot to walk the three blocks to the bar . Sorry .

We’re having a heat wave . Even here in the Sunbelt it’s a little too hot this week . There was some wind last night which helped a lot .Travel-Security-Belt-4

Ada and I are headed for the mountain tonight , though . It’ll be 20 degrees cooler up there . Pancake breakfast tomorrow at the fire station to honor Labor Day . The little community of Angelus Oaks turns out for it . Hopefully there’ll be a local  guitarist who’ll belt out a few songs.

If this were forty years ago I’d probably be sure to check my tires , coolant level ,  oil , and the engine belts ; but nowadays I trust in technology , get lazy , and don’t check much of anything . Well , I check the gas level and I fasten my seat belt .

Meanwhile , Ada has spotted my belt and told me that it’s day is done . We’ll actually , in her own inimitable style  , she didn’t have to tell me that directly  but   she asked : ” Is that the only belt you have ? ” The rest of the message is clearly understood .  I looked at it  , that old belt ,  and indeed it is quite obviously decrepit and ( could be  ) ready for the trash heap .

Yeah , I have other belts , but this one still works just fine . It just looks kind of worn out and sapped . As kids , we would have said that it was ‘ had out’. I look at it and see at least a couple more years of effective use . Of course , I would wear my better belt to church or to weddings or to the White House Christmas breakfast or to meet the mayor —– occasions like that . The old one is good enough for around the house , for around the neighborhood , for the mountains , for……………..    Belts are good for as long as they effectively do their job , if you ask me .

Well , at the risk of hitting below the belt a little  , Ada doesn’t understand my brilliantly pragmatic position on this . We’re not the Rockefellers or the Gates , after all . We don’t stuff our money belts with $1000 bills .  Using clothing ’till it drops is a pretty practical and effective method of tightening one’s belt , I would say   ;  but other people ——- they don’t say that .

That old trusty belt is sitting in the trash as I write . Maybe I should have a good belt of  Scotch as a good-bye trusty old  belt toast , but in this heat I’d be passed out on the floor in no time if I did that . Ada’d probably take that old strip of leather ( or leatherette , or whatever it is ) out of the trash , in that case , and give me a good belting with it .

beer drinking farmers



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Just to assure you from the outset as we wander into politics for a moment :  I’m a red-blooded American .

First , I’m an American . I can show you my passport . It’s not a forged one either . I know that because when I went through Passport Control in Belarus , the official checked it out extremely carefully . She had a magnifying loop that she used to scan all the secret stuff embedded in a US passport that should be embedded in a US passport . Evidently it was all in there . (If I had an extremely good forger , however , she failed to uncover that .) We’ll just move along like there’s no problem and just go about our business  . After a few tense moments she did just that , the uniformed protector of her nation , and my passport passed inspection .

I know about my blood being red because anywhere I go nowadays I tend to bleed . When  I work in the garden for awhile , inevitably I reenter the house with a long , by then dry , trail of blood usually on my arm , sometimes on my leg , from some tiny , usually imperceptible wound apparently inflicted from snagging a thorn or a branch or bumping against a this or a that . It’s annoying .

Just call me Alexei  Nikolaevich . You know , the Czar’s son ? No ? Okay , forget it .

Anyway , while in Belarus I was speaking with a young woman a bit about politics . She asked me what Americans really  think about President Trump .  That kind of a question in that kind of a setting kind of puts a guy on the spot . I tried to be representative of all Americans . That’s not so easy , but I had to do it anyhow .V-E Day in NYC

Rest easy . I told her the truth . I threw in my opinion too , of course , but I labelled it as such . She told me that their press is not censored in Belarus , that she can get any and all world news over the internet . No problem . But she wanted to hear from a real honest -to-god American the inside story . Well , as I said , the rest of you Americanos were at that moment at my mercy . I tried to do you all justice . Rest assured . (Well , a third of you might disagree with my analysis of the country even though it was  in my opinion a fair one  , but that can’t be helped).

She told me that the president of Belarus ( a true dictator )  continually asks the people of Belarus to compare themselves to North Korea , as if to say : At least we’re better than them ! She thought that his proffered comparison was a bit weird . Somewhat defeatist too , of course ,  we agreed .

And now I’ve been hearing our White House using the same kind of  arguments to defend Mr. Trump and his bumpy  ride through his presidential term . Their talking points , voiced by every Trump supporter lately , try to blame the Clintons and Obama , and sometimes Bush II and even Bush I and others for being more corrupt , or colluding more with the Russians , absconding with more money for themselves ,  making bigger blunders , or spending more money more foolishly , or whatever .

Trump  pardoned Joe Arpaio , for example , for what critics say is a no-good reason , but Clinton , the Trump folk reply , pardoned so-and-so for no good reasons too , and so , and so , what’s the problem !

What have we come to ? I used to hear this kind of stuff on the playground when kids got in trouble .( I wonder if Truman’s sign “The Buck Stops Here ” is still on the desk in the Oval Office ? )   It’s a childish tactic , at best —- from children , but  we’re hearing it from adults in the government . It’s an admission : I’m bad , but s/he’s worse !

That’s not a good argument . It’s like the North Korea comparison .

And then there’s the eternal  argument over who’s a real red-blooded American ? Who’s more patriotic  ? Who loves the country more and who doesn’t love the country at all ? And all of that . Most of it is flack  fired  into the turbid skies of worry , just in case , just in case , just in case the enemy is on the way .

The Belarussian gal asked me what is the one thing I like best about the USA .( She had one in mind for Belarus , quickly , right on the tip of her tongue . ) I gave her my answer after a moment’s consideration .  I wonder what some other Americans’  answers would have been .


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hater/ or /you scratch my back I Old Scratch yours

OldScratchI went over to the Ralphs supermarket a few days ago to see if they had any self-confidence . I looked around for awhile and didn’t see any . They changed their signs a year or so ago , and they don’t help at all .

  I need to get more scratch too . I haven’t been making anything from scratch lately . Sometimes it’s hard to find . Ah , someone will have it . Lots of people still make things from scratch , so it’s got to be sold someplace .

When you’ve got both of those , self-confidence and scratch , and maybe also a little bit of imagination , then the world could be your oyster .

Speaking of bivalve mollusks ………………………………..No , no , I’m not going to start talking politics . Or religion .  Or hate . Well, maybe hate .

Speaking of hate , as long as we’re on the topic , I was accused , I guess , of being full of hate , or trying to spread hate . I’m not quite sure , because the short and pointed  FB rant against a comment that I had posted on someone’s blog was a rather poorly worded and confusing response , with some non-words (meant to be words , I’m sure) . Anyway , my comment that this response provoked had been  , even if I do say so myself , totally lacking in hate .

Usually , I believe , you reap what you sow .

Anyhow , I touched a nerve with this responding woman bent on showing me the error of my ways .BELARUS TRIP 2017 208

Well , against my better judgement , I had responded to what I considered an ignorant statement made with the best of intentions by someone I’ve known long since the cows came home , from way past the twelfth of never , for an eternity , not only for a month of Sundays but for a year of Sundays. I’ve known this person for a long long time . Sometimes the urge overcomes me , the teacher in me perhaps , and I have to intervene when I see someone I know go way too far into the weed patch of blatant error .man newspaper chair 1880

I try to ease into my criticisms , nevertheless , but  even honey can taste bitter when it’s used to hide the taste of medicine . And on Facebook , of course , serious discussions that fly  without condemning those opinions of others who don’t fully  agree with the going batch of batter  are rare birds , indeed . That’s why it is ordinarily my staunch position to avoid being sucked into any of those discussions on FB.poland-xmas-2017-009

Every once in awhile , though ,  I just can’t help myself . I comment even though it’s  against my better judgement . You know the drill , I’m sure . You’ll regret it later .

Maybe I just like to spread my hate around . Maybe that’s it . In a way , I was glad that I got the kind of angry response that I did from a person who doesn’t know me from Adam , calling me out for my anger , bitterness , and hate . It’s my own damn fault anyway that I stuck my nose into what , after all , was a closed slap-on-the-back session , as most of them seem to be , of like-minded zealots .BELARUS TRIP 2017 329

I think that I should hang out from now on  only with my own fanatic  group of like-minded zealots   . We hate the rest of you , you should know ,  for not belonging to our group , because you’re just  a bunch of stupid haters who don’t know Shinola from a hole in the ground .

And , while I’m at it ,  to the guy who blocked me from his  FB posts a couple of years ago for posting a few critical comments :   Sorry , it must have been my hate again showing it’s ugly head when I posted those comments .  Let’s try again .  How about this reflection  by way of clarification and reconciliation  : You can lead a horse down the garden path , but you can’t teach an old dog  new tricks.  So , former FB pal , can’t we hash this out ?  Let’s get together . I’ll bring the scratch (   Old Scratch )  .haters


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