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diatribe on taxes and

pottery flowers blueWho was that guy who wanted to be President a while ago ? Remember  Romney ? He paid  income taxes at 13 % that year .  Warren Buffett paid about 15 % . Most of us paid , well , a much higher rate .

One of our neighbors brought over a petition to end the city energy tax here in Arcadia . We pay 8 % . Sierra Madre residents pay 10%.  Other nearby cities pay 7% .  The Arcadia City Council says about 13% of their income comes from the energy tax . The money goes to road repair , Fire Department , and the Community Center , among other things . The neighbor wanted Ada , and maybe me too , to circulate the petition around the neighborhood .

I think the richest few in the country run the whole shootin’ match . I think if anyone dares to point  that out in today’s polarized political climate , though ,  then  they are immediately branded Communist or Socialist . Class warfare !   Remember that  the business of America is business . Bernie Madoff said that . No , he didn’t . What Bernie said was : ” Trust me  !”   Silent Cal Coolidge was the one who said : ” The chief business of the American people is business “.

Well , business was good in Silent Cal’s day . He was President  from 1923 to 1929 .  To a large  extent cool Cal sat back , tried on silly hats , and let the bankers and the business boys run the country . Life was good and stocks were soaring  .   Then  , what happened to the economy in 1929 ?hardings and coolidges

I’m just thinking out loud . Shows you how convoluted my thinking is . I’ve been watching a Robert  Reich  documentary about how the huge disparity in recent years  between the rich and the rest of us is dangerous .  Unions are being busted . The middle class is disappearing . The wealthiest are making out like bandits . The last time in this country that the disparity was so vast was in 1928 .

What’s the name of that 2010 Supreme Court decision that allows corporations and unions to provide unlimited financing for ads and other forms of support for  political candidates ?  It’s known as Citizens United .  Justice Stevens , in his dissenting opinion , wrote :   ” A democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold “.

How about politicians being bought and sold ?   I’ve been reading about Calderon in L.A. , Yee in San Francisco , some mayor in North Carolina ……… Who’s doing the buying ? Not me.  I’ve got to save my stash of cash to buy beer for  Thursday pool night .  Nor my neighbor ,  who doesn’t like to pay her utility tax and hopes to save a few bucks  by eliminating it .  Who has the money to sway political outcomes ?

Taxes ?  Again , some of the biggest corporations pay no taxes .  You think it’s a coincidence that those entities  find themselves in that no-tax or low-tax position ?  Ha.  You get what you pay for —–must be truth to that .

Harding was President before Coolidge . He was , by most accounts , a buffoon but Presidential-looking , but business was good and so he and Coolidge , later, could sit back and let the bankers and the corporations go to town . Harding’s  administration was riddled with corruption and scandal —-they were turning Navy oil reserves over to greedy oil men , etc  ;   but , so what !  Business was good . The war was over ; the troops were  home .   More and more products were available in stores . It was the Golden Twenties !

We had to tell the neighbor that we would not be circulating the petition . I think you pays yer taxes and you gets yer services —- or you don’t pay and you don’t have the services .  I’d rather live in a city with a few more services and I don’t mind paying a few bucks more tax to get them . It’s sort of a shared commitment to a slightly better life .  Our neighbor mentioned the tax burden there is on all of these new big houses in Arcadia .  I don’t think we need to watch out for the rich guys with the big houses .  They’ll take care of themselves .

The richest ones in the country gladly pay $ millions to fix things so that they don’t have to pay taxes and the whole shootin’  match favors them . Not too many petitions to do that , but an army of expensive lobbyists and lots and lots of cash .   Their tax funds would have to be shared with the rest of us , after all , you know .   Now , come on , would that be fair !woman and cat


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