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rain in….


I know it’s no big deal for most people , people who live in wet places . Rain .   But I live in southern California and there’s not much rain . We’re in a drought period , too . I read in the L A Times today that California has not reached it’s conservation-of-water goal . So far it’s been voluntary ; but if there’s no rain again next year that voluntary stuff might end .

CACTUSLos Angeles will pay homeowners to tear up their lawns and replace those water-gulpers  with water-sipping plants . They pay per square foot . I’d go for it in a New York minute if I lived in L.A.   And , I guess , if I was sure of what a New York minute is . Besides , a third of my front lawn has dried up and died , anyway . Would they pay for dead grass replacement ? My back lawn I replaced years ago . No one paid me a cent . But , then again , we’re not in the city of L.A. , Long Beach , or any other of those pay-for-replacement places .

I should clarify that state conservation measures have been voluntary so far , but that doesn’t mean there are no regulations around the state . Our neighboring city of Sierra Madre , for example , has imposed strict usage quotas . Those were put in place after water rate increases , too . And , for most of my friends over there in Sierra Madre , their (more expensive)  water now comes out of the faucet yellow , so they’ve been  buying  bottled water for drinking .

Oh , Sierra Madre ! Ada and I got out of there just in time . Next , they’ll be over our way trying to steal our good Arcadia water . I’m considering installing locks on my hose spigots . It’s difficult to predict the desperate actions  of thirsty people .

I went to see my friend Bill a few weeks ago over at his canyon house in Sierra Madre . Something was obviously wrong . I won’t say that Bill looked crazed , but he was on the slippery slope , at least . ” I checked my water ration with the city “, he told me . Four days to the end of the cycle and Bill had reached his limit for water use. ” If I use one more gallon they double my water bill. ”  Bill claimed that the city had lowered his water allotment but had not informed him . He had only found out by coincidence .

I gave him a bottle of water I had in my car . It’s a shame the depths to which some people have fallen !Random Poland - rain 006

Anyway , here I am in Poland . It’s been raining off and on all morning . Lots of water everywhere . Or , as my old neighbor Don back in Arcadia might say : ” everwhere “. I was caught in the rain an hour or so ago while on my walk around . No problem . It was a soft , friendly rain . I wasn’t out in it long enough to get soaked .

We’re not in California anymore , Toto .

I do have a solution to the water crisis back home : plant potatoes and onions ; one row of potatoes next to one row of onions . The onions will make the eyes in the potatoes cry and the crops will be watered . If there were to be any excess , the onion/potato farmers could sell it to Sierra Madre for drinking water . Sure, it would have a funny taste , but those poor devils over  in Sierra Madre are  already used to that .



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1927 murder again

arcadia 1930   So, I’m still working on the murder of the Arcadia policeman in July of 1927 .  I’m finding out some new details , details of interest to me . But then , I’m an ex-history teacher . And I’ve jumped into the soup and can’t help paddling around . Every small piece of carrot or historical  potato or unexpected peppercorn that floats by is of interest . But , often , only to me . Little bits of discovered information lead to others . I found the Pasadena Library , built in 1926 by the way , to be a great resource . It’s got easy-to-access  micro-film collections and viewing machines . I’ve been reading 1927 local newspaper stories .library I found the story of a guy in nearby Sierra Madre who was arrested for having a still and a large amount of liquor in his house . Prohibition was still in full effect . He claimed that he rented the house out and that  he slept on a porch and that he had no idea that a still was in the house  or that any booze was anywhere around . He had no idea what his renter was up to , he told the cops . I don’t suppose that that silly excuse worked for him . Maybe he was drunk at the time of the arrest .


So I went over to Sierra Madre to investigate . Okay , so I’m eighty-seven years late . So what . Maybe the 1927 house would still be there . I drove up there on Lima Av. and  found the address . Actually , there was a sign there at the curb with three consecutive numbers written on it . The property behind the address sign was covered with a canopy of huge trees and hidden behind a blind of bushes . I wandered along a shady gravel driveway , looking for a house , making some noise so that I wouldn’t startle any moonshiners  . I spotted  a battered house , but not from 1927 . Next to it was a woodshop , the door open , plywood set up on the saw , fresh sawdust clumps on the floor  . There was a broken down car beyond the shop , and beyond that another beat-up house . Maybe it was a shed or a garage . No one seemed to be around . Or they were hiding , watching .balloon school 1918 You should understand that when I’d driven up the street looking for this address I was passing through  a well-groomed , upper middle class neighborhood . Houses sell in Sierra Madre for , maybe ,  $ 800,000  and up . There might be a few further up in the canyon for less , or one or two for a little less  closer to  town . I passed handsome houses built during the last few decades , trimmed and cared-for , a handful of them  survivors  from the 1920s .  But now , instantly , on that gravel path , it was as if I had left the city . I found myself in a little forsaken corner of  woods . 1927 ?  I could see how it would have been an ideal spot in 1927 for a still . It still ( pardon the pun) would be .


Anyhow……….clara bow hat 95 cents

The murdered policeman had been a soldier stationed in Arcadia at Ross Field ,  known locally as the Balloon School . The former Army land is now a county park . From 1918 until 1930  or so , the Army   trained observation balloon crewmen there  . I read a 1927 news story about six officers who went up in a balloon at 0400 one morning , but by 0600 their balloon had stalled over Sierra Madre . They were stuck up there for six hours and finally decided  to cut the balloon open  to release the gas so that they could fall to earth . They managed to get to the ground safely . By that time hundreds of people were there ( it happened in the middle of town ) to watch .


I’d given up on getting the policeman’s military records . I’d already received an initial letter from the government archive office that stated : Not Enough Information .  I had one more bit to offer and I re-submitted the request . When was that ? Six months ago ? Seven ? I am aware , for one thing , that they don’t like sharing their information with non-relatives . It’s a privacy thing and that makes sense .  But  today another letter arrived . The Government hadn’t forgotten me .Matthies military letter 005 Vast quantities of military records had burned up in the 1970s . I was warned already  by fellow researchers to expect a letter saying that everything had burned up and so  I was out of luck .  ” Just re-submit the form ,” my friends said .  The letter today says that for $25 I can get a final pay form because those were  housed somewhere that didn’t burn up . They sent a sample pay form . It’s got certain information of interest to me ,  so I’ll fork over the 25 . The Government needs the money ,  after all , for IRS bonuses and the like , and to give more tax breaks to the billionaires  .Matthies military letter 001 I resubmitted my request , this time with a personal check enclosed .


I hope the archives sends me something before THE BIG ONE comes and sweeps California into the sea , or at least before my little public lecture at the museum on the murder .  They’ve got until November . I’m sure they’re listening .Matthies military letter 006


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