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Ex ain’t so ex (swami)

Well , I found out where ex swamis go . And I got a reply from a Budda blogger . Thanks to the exchange of information over the world wide web I watched the swami sitting on my sofa . No , the swami wasn’t on my sofa . I was on my laptop . “On ” meaning looking at .  I was watching the swami on the computer . You get the idea — he wasn’t “on” my computer . It cost me $180 bucks and I’m not about to let some crazy swami get on it . The whole thing  makes me a little nervous , having just joined Facebook . I might get in too deep and not be able to get out .Most of it’s a mystery to me . And now the Budda blogger knows where I am .

A friend sent me a link to a few Swami X videos . I watched only one so far — very poor quality but I recognized the old bird . He’s a heck of a lot older now . Less flamboyant , less energetic , uses fewer obscenities , puts more emphasis on the intellectual side of his performance . I tried to open another one where the swami got an award from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa . It wouldn’t open for me .  Swami ? Is that you ? Have you defected to the Establishment ? ” Artist , street poet , comedian ” ? Good for you , Swami !

My friend who sent the swami link asked : Is this Ex Swami X , or Swami X ? Maybe he is the Ex Ex Swami X . Do you ever go over to Myerhoff Park , Swami , anymore ? Times have changed . It wouldn’t be the same . If you verbally assaulted the passer-bys these days I’m pretty sure someone would have you arrested . That could interfere with your City of L.A awards . You’re right . Better hang around Venice and keep a low profile .

Somehow I never really thought about what might have happened to Ex Swami X . I’m not thinking like a 21st Century guy : Google it  !  There he is , still doing his thing . He lives in Venice . The old hipster Venice has , of course , become the rich yuppie moneyed-hipster scene nowadays . The old dive bars along Main Street have been replaced with bistros and galleries and cool cool shops .

The Mucky Duck bar is long gone . At the Mucky Duck it was always a good idea to check under any table that you intended to sit at to be sure no one was sleeping one off under there . Listen for the snoring and check for shoes . The Cheetah is gone , too .Anyone remember the Cheetah ?  The old lesbian bar across the street from Buffalo Chips is long gone , too . It had the oldest bar ( the mahogony bar itself ) in Venice . If it didn’t , then someone lied to me thirty-five years ago . I think that Buffalo Chips is still there , serving hamburgers and beer .

Ex  Swami X  is still there, too . Good for him , I say . I thank him for the entertainment in the early 1970s on Myerhoff Park at noon .

Oh , about the Budda blogger . He liked my Ex Swami X post . One of his posts suggests taking the “middle path” . No strong passions , please ! That’s the way to be happy . I fit right in there . I’m a middle pather ! Thanks Budda blogger . I feel better now . I always thought that  there was something wrong with me  for having no particular passions . But , level with me  , did you really read my post ?

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