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Those guys are still working on bringing the Gold Line east far enough for Dan to walk to the station .Arcadia , Metro, etc. May 2014 016

I like one aspect of the planning . Some planner somewhere had some sense . One of the new rail bridges has a concrete railing like the old concrete railings . I like that —- a symbolic time-link to honor the past . The right railing for a rail line needs no railing . I think Abraham Lincoln said that .



There was a line about what ,  1889  ? , that came to Arcadia along the same right-of-way . It died out some time in the late 1950s out this way but the tracks remained in the streets and also along some other stretches of the route .

New:Arcadia , Metro, etc. May 2014 062

Old : Arcadia , Metro, etc. May 2014 004Arcadia , Metro, etc. May 2014 005

Arcadia , Metro, etc. May 2014 033

They’ve recently torn out the old track and installed new track , or they will soon .  What’s that say  about how much things change and they remain the same ?Arcadia , Metro, etc. May 2014 035

Arcadia , Metro, etc. May 2014 041

The new Arcadia station for the metro will sit on the same ground of an older station . The old station  was shipped off east to some rest home for old buildings ; no one wants to visit it anymore ; they’ve forgotten about it , to tell the truth .  There will be a parking structure next to the station  this time around . That’s progress . I think Herbert Hoover said that .Arcadia , Metro, etc. May 2014 021

st car 11 st car 15 st car 5 st car 2 st car 16


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