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George Washington’s profile pasted to the corner of the cards says 1 cent , or in some cases 2 cents . He’s red or he’s green and he remains stern , or perhaps it is better said as stalwart and strong , in a one-dimensional way. Sorry , George .

I’ve been processing World War postcards . Some are scrawled with messages and some are blank . My mind wanders as I write descriptions of the cards and scan them into the data bank for the museum .

I have begun to wonder who these people are . I might say , rather , who they were , but for the moments I am with the cards I feel a little like a peeping Tom , watching when I shouldn’t be . None of my business .

I wonder how Gladis Hitchcock in Allegheny , N.Y. , felt when she read the card back in July of 1918 . Was she steamed or did she laugh ? Did she feel sorry for the poor dope who wrote :

How are you today . I am in Cuba today. There are lots of girls up here . It doesn’t take long to get acquainted . XXXX   Guess who its from . “

Another card has a photograph of a soldier and a girl hugging . She gazes at him lovingly . His rifle leans against a log . He wears a wide-brimmed campaign hat of the era . Printed words on the card say : I Believe In Being Well-Armed . 

Lots of the cards have sappy poems printed on the front .

When you’re on guard / and campfires burn / I’ll guard my heart / ‘Till your return .

Mrs. Ethel M. Howe , of Penacock , NH , gets a mere   ” best regards ” . Better than nothing , I guess .

One soldier writes : ” I guess you have a nice fellow to take you home from church now .” I see him over in France , perhaps , writing the forlorn note to his girl , and  wondering how things are at home , and worrying . But he wrote her , and he revealed his feelings , after all . Maybe she got the message , and I only wish the best for them . I think that they married later and had loads of children , and then grandchildren , and great-grandchildren . If he came back from the war, and if she didn’t stick with some other fellow , nice or not .

People were writing one another then , on daffy , melodramatic , romantic , and patriotic postcards . Often the cards were sent General Delivery , with no specified street address . To Jamie O’Grady in Tulsa , Oklahoma . To Mary Swartz in Brooklyn , NY .

And now a few of them wind up in a little museum in Arcadia , CA . Some nosey old guy reads them and inspects them and notes the date , the time of delivery , the cost of the stamp . He reads the scrawled messages and wonders how it all came out in the long run . Did the romances last ? Did she wait for him with love in her heart , or  was it all just a passing passion ?

One soldier writes from a hospital :  It is about time for dinner now . Don’t know what we’ll have yet . Last Sunday we had chicken and ice cream . My arm did not take at all yet and I don’t think it ever will . 

Good luck , soldier ! Don’t give up hope .


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WWI Posters

I am an American , but I do not believe that any of us loves a blustering nationality , a nationality with a chip on its shoulder , a nationality with its elbows out and its swagger on . We love a quiet , self- respecting , unconquerable spirit which doesn’t strike until it is necessary to strike , and then strikes to conquer .    ——–President Woodrow Wilson

banner quote conquer

pacifist banner 1917


poster wake up amer. dayposter bloody boot lib bonds poster amer. library assoc. poster food for france poster light consumes coalposter together we win POSTER spies are listening poster recruitment poster returning vets job service poster uncle sam


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old photos

phot on a cranehooverSennatt girls and carteddy rooseveltFDRcoal minerminer 1903


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victory gardens

poster victory gardens poster soldiers without guns (women) poster save food poster fruits of victory poster can vegetables

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Marines posters WWI

Marine Corps private WWIposter marine corps poster marine 9 poster marine 8 poster marine 7 poster marine poster us marines 1poster marine 2 poster us marines


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Army posters WWI

poster soldier and worker past behind us poster join the army poster join army poster army recruitment poster army infantry poster army artillery poster army

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nineteen fourteen

colored soldiers WWIswiss cavalry patrolling 1917Swiss cavalry on border patrol.

swiss soldiers 1914-16Swiss soldiers .

1914 dressFashion.

1914 suffragistSuffrage movement .

1914 french troopsFrench troops before battle .

1914-16 ger. hospital trainWWI ambulance british WWI ambulance

German hospital train    ; Amer. ambulance ;    Brit. ambulance .

1913 dressFashion 1913

1918 thomas hitchcockThomas Hitchcock 1918.

1914 bicycle

artificial limb factoryArtificial limb factory .

1918 troop ship

U.S. troop ship in Vladovostok 1918.

k of c bus

Taking wounded on a tour .

WWI soldiers

WWI tank

World War I Memorialcensus WWI


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