I write this blog and post pictures because it’s fun. Some of it is tongue-in-cheek .  It seems to wander from here to there to way  over there . I wonder from time to time if I should stick to one topic or another and add a little coherence . But , no , that most likely won’t happen . I hope that you find some posts to enjoy . Thanks for checking it out .


If you’ve got a comment I’d like to hear it , good or bad .

Thanks for trying my blog .109_0995100_2557from i book 418100_2528100_3231

11 responses to “About

  1. Good idea Dan! All the best…J will watching here from time to time…Jurek from Szczecin.

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  3. Dan. Thanks for the reblog. Much appreciated. Thom

  4. Hello Dan, dropped in to thank you for the like on my post on Lake Boga Flying Boat museum. So glad you enjoyed it and it was great to get positive feedback. I got a laugh at the couple of your posts I read – very droll. GG

  5. Joey

    Dear Mr. Dan Hen, I so much enjoyed your blog today, that I recommended it to a close friend and fellow Sicilian named Antonio. In turn, he told me that he wrote a blog post today that references yours. I hope you see an influx of visitors, because Antonio has lots of what we call pool ( as in You pool me back in).

  6. Always pleased to check in here Dan. Regards Thom.

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