just another friday

It’s hot .

Ada and I were in Poland when the temperature in Arcadia reached 114 . Our gardener told me that first , in Spanish . That’s too hot , I told him in Spanish , wondering if I had understood him correctly , knowing that I didn’t have to tell a guy who works outdoors something like that .32396428_2043470292575024_7466515067425521664_n

It’s only about 90 today . We have an aluminum roof over our back patio. I’m pretty sure that it’s several degrees hotter under here than just about anywhere else. I have vague plans to replace this roof with something nicer  looking and that won’t become a sweat-box on hot days. Don’t hold your breath on that plan , though . beer heatwave giant

Hot days ? Southern California has hot days all year long . I try not to listen to all the dire comments about global warming , and new normals , and endless summer weather hotter and hotter each year with no hope in sight .

My Irish skin just isn’t made for such heat . Some people love the sun and turn nut brown without a burn ; but not me . I had a landlord once who loved the heat . ” The hotter the better !” he told me . To each his own . I’ve taken to  slathering on sun screen and wearing brimmed hats .dentist gramaphone 1922

Oh , but lately I’ve been hearing about how sun screen clogs the oceans and poisons the fish and causes all sorts of trauma to the user . You just can’t win !bike 1922

On the other hand , it’s the middle of the day and here I sit listening to the birds and enjoying the back garden . Sure , it’s hot out here . Maybe if I were at work , on the other hand ,  I’d be in a nicely air-conditioned building . I was at the dentist’s office yesterday . It was just a little too cold in there . They had the air-conditioning cranked up a notch too high . I told the hygienist how hot it was outside . She expressed a desire to go outside , just for a little heat and fresh air . gas masks 1941

I guess the grass is always greener on the other guy’s lawn .

No , I don’t want to go back to work just to avoid the heat of the day . I think : Been there; done that . Those schools where I worked were never properly air-conditioned anyhow .

I’m watching our lemon tree wave a little in the breeze. It is laden with green fruit glistening in the sunlight. In a couple of weeks or so they should be ripening . I think it’ll be a good year for lemons. Maybe I’ll make lemonade.