Thursday Door

Here’s my entry for this weeks Norm’s Thursday Door Challenge :


It’s a slightly askew shot , as you see .

This door struck me somehow , as a faithful but worn -out warrior , it’s peeling paint crusted and become sharp-edged over the years , disfiguring it’s simple exterior and giving the thing some odd and interesting character of its own .DOOR 2The door endures its days at the edge of a beautiful lake surrounded with woods .

There are no windows in the little shed ; but notice the peephole in the middle of the door .

You may have noticed, also ,  that the structure of the door is the classic ” a cross and a book “.

” These are the best doors ,”  a friend of mine who’d taken up woodworking when he was about eighty once told me . I don’t know about that . I’m not a woodworker . My friend’s words came back to me , though , when I spotted this sturdy but forlorn door . This aged barrier continues to keep the faith out there in the wilderness , guarding  whatever secrets might be inside this mysterious little ediface .


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13 responses to “Thursday Door

  1. Although it appears old, it still seems quite sturdy and dependable – guarding the secrets, as you say.

  2. Interesting door and also the weathered condition of the door is quite a contrast to the building walls that appear to be recently painted. Nice catch. 🙂

    • Thanks much . Yes , the building has been freshly painted , as you noticed . The handle on the door seems new , too . Lots more effort to scrape and restore a door , though , I suppose .

  3. Still pulling its weight, I think the worn door actually goes well with that paint job. The classic Cross & Book is a favorite door design and also a very practical way to make a sturdy and stable door. Great find Dan!

  4. Nice choice but I almost feel sad for this one, it’s definitely in need of some serious TLC 😦

  5. Such charm – the colors, the skewed angles and the beautiful weathered look. It’s certainly an inviting door and a very simple, serene work of art.

  6. Your weather-beaten door has character.

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