I try to talk reason . Well , most of the time not .But , most of the time , being reasonable doesn’t seem reasonable . I mean , why be reasonable unless you have to . Right ? Well , I’m not saying that I’m right on this . It’s my personal approach to life , and maybe it’s not right for other people . I hope not , ’cause if everyone ran on the same cylinders and the world were all in tune — how boring . Right ?

Well , let me tell you what I’m talking about , in case you think I’m ( as my grandfather would have said ) talking through my hat . And , by the way , if you think that , then that’s okay , too . Think whatever you like . Just don’t expect me to think the same as you . I won’t expect the reverse from you . Deal ?

So , I had to cancel my interest in the Syria Assad -loving blogger I’ve been following . Not ’cause he’s pro-Assad . Just ’cause his reasonableness kinda got up and went . He doesn’t see it , of course . ” Let’s kill Amerikkkans ” that someone posted on his site means to him , I guess , something else . He writes to me : ” Am I missing something ? ”  I won’t go into the whole thing , except to say , as I wrote back to him politely , yeah , you are missing something .  Haven’t you ever used expressions like that , he asked . No , I ain’t never did such a thing   . It was a Russian who wrote that kill Amerikkkans  comment and the blogger explained to me that English wasn’t the commenter’s  first language , as if that bunk explanation explained away her hate speech .

Yeah , you’re missing something,pro-Assad  man . You slipped off the edge .100_2559

I cancelled others, too , recently , on Facebook , for their intolerance . It just gets so tiresome reading the continual crappola .  I guess I continue to be shocked that people I know and have known for a long time  have somehow  become  such bigots . I kind of admire their passion , dedication , and stubborn persistence . That’s a plus . But if you’ve turned completely in the wrong direction , it don’t fix nothin’ . I believe , I suppose , in reason . Maybe my father taught me that . He believed in reason .

Oh , no though ,  I don’t believe that the world runs on reason . It goes along sort of higgedly-piggedty , haphazardly  bouncing crazily from one incident to another . It’s not a very orderly process . But , still , we need to operate as best we can as individuals on a basis of reason . Maybe ?

I can’t throw a wrench into the thinking of these lost  internet pals of mine . Can’t be done . I try as long as I can to avoid making any comment on these blogs , but then , at some point ,  I feel a small intervention is necessary ; but  reason doesn’t stand a chance in the face of holy self-righteousness , whether it concerns religion , politics , or whatever .

This pro-Assad guy I’ve been mentioning suggested that maybe I am not ready to accept his belief system if I quibble about a few ( hate statements ) words . Damn right , buddy . I don’t even like the smell , much less the taste , of Kool-Aide , no matter what flavor . Call me intolerant .Cabin Dec. 2014 angelus oaks 059


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  1. Good for you. When I get requests to connect online, I try to determine if there are signs of reasonableness first. I knew you were reasonable from reading your blog 🙂

  2. What’s up, Dan. I’ve been quietly following your blog off to the side. Sometimes not having time, I’ve more skimmed your posts, but I get the gist. I stay aboard and keep following because of the good character which comes through in your writing. I thought it both gutsy and hilarious what you did to that spam-caller, turning the tables on him. So many calls like that I myself get, bugging the hell out of me, that to what you did, following all the way through, I exclaimed, “Yes!” For me that was an heroic act in the realm of the quotidian.

    Also I can relate somewhat to your experience here getting involved with individuals who have such rigid minds, they become with age increasingly intolerant and hysterical ideologues. It’s sad and gotta hurt if such happens to those who were before friends. That just sucks.

    I myself in the past have gotten involved with individuals who don’t listen to reason and have something in them which always goes for the jugular. I think something primal in us is activated during such encounters, especially for us men. The more stupid and ridiculous the other is, the more wildly irrational and bigoted, the more one wants to hang in there and defend oneself, jabbing and punching. The primal side of us refuses to throw in the towel. It’s fight or flight, and flight is for cowards. That’s the thinking ingrained in us men.

    • Thanks , John . Yeah , you’re right , I think, in your analysis . However , I can tolerate friend with extreme views , usually , as long as 1) they’re not hateful , and 2) they don’t expect me to adopt the same views . Yeah , also two of my good friend from a younger age became such intolerant and intolerable bigots that I had to cut them loose . Yeah , it’s a sad predicament .

      • I’m with you in this, Dan, though it’s a rare breed who can harbor really extreme views, which gets them fervent and frothing at the mouth, and not be hateful at the same time. Usually the extreme view is buttressed up and energized through the demonizing of some group or others. It comes close to a contradiction. But this is being general. I myself am rather tolerant and find all kinds of views personally stimulating and enriching, even views which travel way out and become alien and strange. But I’m simultaneously sensitive to the underlying passion motivating the extension and development. That’s really the key to me.

        Hate is a curious emotion. I don’t think what’s built up out of it has any structural integrity and lasting power. It’s like fire which must be fed to be kept going. Isolate the fire and stop feeding it, and it burns itself out. Put individuals who hate each other in the same room and lock the door, and if they’re kept in there for a long time, they will hurt each other if not try to kill each other.

        I suppose since I have blue eyes and white skin a pack of neo-nazi skinheads wouldn’t at first give me a hard time, but I wouldn’t delude myself that that’s friendship. I suppose depth and intensity of seriousness is the question. I’ve met my share of individuals with nutty beliefs, but I could feel deeper down they’re kind of playing and being provocative. Or they’re really broken inside and strange ideas flood in through the cracks, ideas ephemeral to them, flotsam and jetsam. That kind of craziness I can tolerate and even feel empathy for and compassion. Then, narrowing down into the Dante-esque circles of hell, there are others more radicalized and dead serious – fanatics – and with them there’s really no way of getting through, no appeal to reason whatsoever, absolutely no chance of any open and mutually productive conversation which allows oddities and quirks and individual differences free play.

        Involvement with them is probably not wise, though, as I expressed in my first comment, there’s this primal impulse in us men that wants to dig in and lock horns to test oneself against a rival or an enemy, that wants to challenge that which one finds bad or wrong or morally reprehensible, even if we’re told what we’re dealing with is sociopathic and there’s literally no chance of any mutual recognition and appeal to reason. Often indeed the primal in us trumps our better judgement, and we rush in anyway!

      • Your comment about possibly being provocative — that possibility has always fascinated me ; is that sometimes a motivation in some people’s extreme views . Maybe it’s just that I want to think that , as a reasonable explanation for what I think is unreasonable belief . Anyway , best not to think too much .

      • Quite agree, Dan, one probably shouldn’t overthink this. Just thought I’d draw it out a bit for some mutual contemplation. Above all, one should trust one’s instincts and listen to one’s inner voice. I usually suspend judgement and give someone some time and space to reveal his or her nature and way of thinking, hoping of course the favor is returned. Usually based on that I know whether or not I will be wasting my time if I proceed. I know something rotten when I come across it, and I have little doubt based on your post here and how you have written that you do too.

      • You’re a wise man . I try to be .

  3. I can fully understand – YOU!!!

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