Americans in Szczecin update

cartoon bear carrying bucketsWithin the last few months NATO has doubled the military  force stationed in Szczecin . It’s part of the troop re-deployments in Poland and the Baltic states that has been referred to in places as  “poking the Russian bear “. The National Guard has been sent over here , too , for training with the Polish military .  In older times it might have been referred to , I think , as ” sabre rattling ” , but no one uses sabers much anymore , I suppose . Perhaps we need a whole new term for what seems to be the same age-old political / military mumbo-jumbo , macho  chest-thumping  , the flexing of national muscles and all that crap . Makes the generals feel needed , I suppose . russian ambassador

Mr. Putin , that Russian guy , is doing his own posturing crap , too , of course . His air force is bombing Syrians friendly to the U.S.  His aircraft have buzzed U.S ships , so close that the U.S.sailors can see the smiles on the faces of the  Russian airmen . And then there’s the Ukrainian invasion , of course . The NATO mobilization in Poland is said to be in response to that .

It’s always easier to get into a war than to get out . That’s a lesson evidently unlearned by world leaders . But , then again , no one has asked my opinion about it , so I’ll move on .

I’ve seen more Americans here in the city in the last week than I have seen in the twenty years  before this that I’ve been visiting Szczecin . The NATO base on the edge of town could be  overcrowded as it rushes to  expand . Groups of young soldiers are all over town now . I’ve seen them in restaurants , on the streets ,  and in the large shopping mall  here called ” Giant ” .  Two guys I spotted today were wearing “POLSKA” shirts and they looked pretty Polish , both Ada and I thought , but their American voices gave them away . dancing signal corps

I could tell these guys ( a few women , too ) where to get a good hamburger in town , and maybe give them a few pointers on local customs ,  but I’ll just let them be . In fact ,  I’m officially announcing the giving up of  my past policy of talking to any Americans I see in Szczecin . Yes ,  you heard it here . They’ll have to get by without my input  . Besides, my guess is , good hamburgers with all the trimmings are readily available at the NATO base . Now that I’m thinking of it , maybe I’ll go over there and ask .

man bearded soldier old



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4 responses to “Americans in Szczecin update

  1. So interesting that in the US we don’t hear about NATO and US troops poking the Russian Bear. Thanks for the news!

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